Inspection standard - of parts of centrifugal pump

by:J&T     2020-05-24

a centrifugal pump, pump shaft

1, check the pump shaft, pump shaft shall be no cracks, disadvantages such as more serious damage. Such as existing damage, cracks, erosion, etc. , should be detailed records, and analyzes its reason.

2, examine pump shaft parallel degree, its value in general should not exceed 0. 05mm。 Motor shaft surface with no black spots, shortcomings and so on pipeline, the roughness of the surface of the larger control values of 0. 8 microns, the motor shaft concentricity and cylindricity deviation should be less than 0. 02mm。

3, nutrilite trough axis to the axis flatness deviation should be less than 0. 03mm/100。

2, centrifugal pump impeller

1, cleaning and checking the surface of the impeller, the impeller surface should be no crack, damage and other faults, impeller passage surface should be smooth, without fouling, burrs, leaves should be no cracks, erosion thinning and other shortcomings.

2, examine each impeller suction inlet and exhaust exit sealing ring, should be no loose, ring is smooth surface, no burrs, surface roughness Ra of the larger control values to 0. 8 microns, and the impeller assembly line gap should be 0. 05 ~ 0. 11mm。 On the basis of impeller internal thread, check the impeller shaft to vibrate should not exceed 0. 05mm。 Inner hole not exceed 0. 04mm。

choose transition fit 3, impeller and shaft, generally for the H7 / h6. Key interference quantity in conjunction with health slot is 0. 09 ~ 0. After 12 mm, the assembly line, the top of the key space is 0. 04 ~ 0. 07mm。

4, impeller should be balanced.

three pumps, centrifugal pump impeller and guide impeller, pump shell

1, each impeller cleaning and inspection, shall be no damage, cracks, erosion and other shortcomings.

2, guide impeller of stop pin should be without bending, breaking and loose. Water pump impeller, pump shell sealing ring surface should be no black spots, scars, trench, larger surface roughness Ra of the control values of 0. 8 microns, sealing ring and the pump impeller, pump shell assembly line gap volume of 0. 05 ~ 0. 11 mm, sealing ring should not loose.

3, with water water pump impeller, pump shell seam allowance for the standard, accurate measurement of sealing ring inside diameter to the cylindricity, its value is not zero. 35 mm, inner hole cylindricity should not exceed 0. 04mm。

4, accurately measure the pump impeller and pump casing assembly line sealing ring in the middle of the gap between seal ring, its value should be zero. 50 ~ 0. Among the 60 mm.

4 throttle valve pump, centrifugal pump seal

1, clean and check the throttle valve pump seal surface, it should be no cracks, shortcomings and so on eccentric wear, surface roughness Ra of the larger control values to 0. 8μm;

2, throttle valve, pump seal and pump shell choose H7 / p6 cooperate with each other. Outside the circle is a standard, accurate measuring inside diameter of the cylindricity, its value should not exceed 0. 02mm;

3, accurate measuring throttle valve pump seal and pump shaft gap, its value should be zero. 25 ~ 0. Among 30 mm.

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