Industrial chemical pump flange connecting method and maintenance method

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Widely used industrial chemical water pump, as well as the specifications of industrial chemical pump is various, the chemical water pump flange type also many, for the material, specification requirements, make the different methods of flange connection, breakdown maintenance method is different also, the following industrial chemical water pump flange connection and maintenance method of knowledge: a soft commonly used, flange gasket material: rubber sheet and rubber asbestos board is a common flange soft gasket material. 1, industrial rubber sheet: ordinary rubber sheet is refers to industrial rubber sheet, also known as industrial vulcanized rubber or rubber plate. 2, rubber asbestos board: rubber asbestos board which is also called the asbestos rubber sheet, as equipment and piping flange sealing surface commonly used as a gasket, medium for water, steam, air, gas, ammonia, lye and all kinds of oil products, etc. Second, the flange assembly 1, when choosing equipment or valve with flange, should pay attention to the original equipment or valve flange and pipe flange connection of the size is consistent. 2, assembly flange before, have to clean the flange surface especially sealing surface. Assembly of flat welding flange, two-thirds of the thickness of the tube should be inserted into the flange diameter, then the flange and pipe welding, such as horizontal pipeline, should be from the top spot welding, with another 90 & deg; Square flange check calibration location from different directions, the sealing surface is perpendicular to the pipe axis, and correct before welding the second point below. With 90 & deg; Square from the left and right flange position, check the calibration qualified after welding the third and the fourth point, thus completed the flange fixed spot welding work. 3, for companion flange assembly, should be made after installation of flange bolt hole alignment has fixed flange bolt hole accordingly, and have fixed flange in parallel, the flange diameter deviation is not more than 1. 5‰ And no greater than 2 mm. Three 1, flange connection, flange connection should be kept the same axis, the bolt hole center deviation is generally not more than 5% of the aperture, and shall ensure that the bolt through freely. Flange connecting bolts should be the same specifications, installation direction should agree, tighten bolts should be symmetrical evenly. For ease of packing and unpacking of the flange, tighten bolts, flange plane from the bracket and the distance of metope should not be less than 200 mm. 2, thickness of oblique gaskets shall not be used to make up for the flange is not parallel. Shall not use double gasket. When large diameter washer need to joining together, not with a flat butt, should adopt bevel lap or labyrinth forms. 3, flange connection are not allowed to directly buried. The flange connection of the buried pipeline for inspection Wells, such as must be buried, anti-corrosion measures. 4, in case of the following circumstances, bolts and nuts should be coated with oil mos2 and graphite or graphite powder to remove in the future: stainless steel, alloy steel bolts and nuts; 2) Pipeline design temperature higher than 100 ℃ or less than 0 ℃; Open device; Atmospheric corrosion or corrosive medium. Tighten bolts should be symmetrical cross order, to ensure uniform gasket stress. 5, the use of copper, aluminum, mild steel and other metal gasket, before installation should be annealing treatment. 6, high temperature or low temperature pipe flange connection bolt, when start-up shall generally be hot tight or cold tight according to the following provisions: 1) Hot tight tight or cold, shall be carried out in keeping the working temperature after 24 h; 2) Tighten bolts pipeline, the maximal internal pressure shall be determined according to the design pressure, when pressure is less than 6 mpa, hot tight internal pressure of 0. 3MPa; When the design pressure is greater than 6 mpa, thermal maximum internal pressure of 0. 5MPa。 Cold spring shall generally be pressure relief. Hot, cold tight fastening moderation, must have the safety measures. Four, flange pipe after long-term use, maintenance of gasket leakage will happen. When change the gasket, flange and difficult to open, can use simple tools, strong to open the two pieces of the flange. 1, flange connection imprecise reason: connect the two flange sealing surface is not parallel. The flange sealing surface defects; Pipeline operation, no secondary flange bolt fastening; Gasket failure: improper material selection; Gasket thickness, pierced by high pressure medium; Gasket with wrinkles, cracks or broken; Gasket after long-term use of failure; Pipeline operation, no secondary flange bolt fastening. 2, eliminating methods: hot bending pipe: on one side of the flange in need on the side of the bend, with oxyacetylene flame length equal to three times the diameter, the width is greater than the radius of the band the surface heating, then bend pipe, flange sealing surface parallel between the two countries; Depth is less than 1 mm of pits, radial scratch, etc. , on a lathe processing; Depth of more than 1 mm defects, after the clean up the surface defects in welding welding repair, reoccupy hand file cleaning, or smooth leveling; In pipeline operation, when the temperature and pressure to a certain value, the appropriate to tighten bolts, replace the new gaskets, gasket material selection should be according to the types of medium and pressure; The cushion thickness conform to the provisions of the gasket; Modified quality qualified gasket; Regularly replace the new gasket; In pipeline operation, when the temperature and pressure to a certain value, the appropriate tighten bolt again, in the first few days of running regularly check bolts.
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