Industrial anti-corrosive pump installation, operation, maintenance essentials

by:J&T     2020-06-24
A lot of use in the production of industrial pump, especially the application of corrosion resistant water pump, anticorrosive pump installation in the operation of the need to pay attention to what, what are the main issues? One, the water pump installation based requirements: 1, to install in general, the pump is installed base ( Including cement base and the plate, bearing, etc. ) Should have enough stiffness and stability, otherwise easy to cause the vibration problem. Basic requirement: weight drive for the motor, the basis of the important than mechanical equipment weight more than 3 times; When you drive to the engine, the basis of the important more than more than five times the weight of the equipment. For newly built large water pump room, pump room basis there is a settlement process, so it is important to pay special attention to the pump room of uneven settlement influence on pump unit. 2, two axis of the pump and requirements: through when installation machine of two coupling to check two pump shaft to neutral, generally two coupling each other at the radial runout, beating value and end face parallelism in 0. 05 - 0. 6 mm or less. 3, A, to the requirement of inlet pipe length is short, as far as possible before the pump inlet should have A straight pipe, the length of about 4 times the diameter of the inlet pump. B, to facilitate the exhaust, such as using eccentric reducer, such as inlet line slightly forward measures. C, submerged depth of the suction nozzle & gt; 1. 5D0( D0: suction pipe diameter) And distance for normal small pump suction from underground, C≥ D0; 4, the arrangement requires A, exports to spit spit tube pressure water, pours out pipe under the action of water pressure will be A stretch, so the pump discharge line should be room for elongation ( If use L turn tube) , not elongation of the pipeline to pump pressure. B, discharge pipe road if section with the tire slip joint components, such as after the line installed on both ends of the slip joint flange must be rigid coupling it with the long screw. Install the expansion joints in outside of the valve. 5, the determination of the water pump installation elevation: the pump installation height ( Relative to the suction pool water level) Must be based on May run more than large cavitation value ( NPSHr) To determine and to consider enough allowance. 6, for vertical long axis pump, it is important to pay special attention to the spit spit out line and the connection, the general requirements: the pump discharge nozzles and pipeline connection, can't make the pump cylinder by any interference, The interference of push or pull) , generally between the pump discharge nozzles and piping, is equipped with a slip joint activities of the flange. To pay attention to at the same time, the slip joint is installed, must be rigid connection, can't let it more room for expansion. Second, the attention easily cause malfunction. 1, according to the requirements of manual closing valve or valve start, run out the valve opening is a fully open, of course, but sometimes because of the pump head selection is too high, spit out fully open valve is easy to cause cavitation, vibration or super power failure, the valve opening should pay attention to make the outlet pressure gauge reading basically accord with the requirement of pump design head. 2, with external lubrication and cooling water unit, water before starting to advance drainage systems. 3, before the two coupling, pump and be sure to check the motor rotation direction is in line with the pump to request, for large unit, also check the motor racing at the time of the vibration value. 4, rolling bearing chamber of lubricating oil or grease in moderation. Oil level of lubrication oil cannot be more than the regulation, the filling quantity of the grease to one-third of the bearing chamber cavity is advisable. Too much easy cause bearing heating. 5, to record the operation pressure of the pump, routine running current, bearing temperature, vibration, as well as numerical data, and pay attention to the stability before and after the data, because the data changes are likely to reflect the water pump operation failed. Three, maintenance essentials: 1, the lubricating oil in bearing chamber ( Fat) According to the instructions required to replace or add on a regular basis. 2, water pump maintenance, assembly clearance value requirement of wearing parts ( Such as impeller and sealing rings, guide bearing and shaft sleeve, impeller and the impeller chamber, packing collar) When the clearance value ( Vary with the nominal diameter size, clearance value is different) In excess of the prescribed upper limit, to replace or repair in time. 3, in the cold region of pumping station, parking, must let the water in the pump dry, in order to avoid the pump to pump water freezes in frost crack.
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