Industrial anti-corrosive pump calibration?

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Industrial production, the corrosion resistant pump is a common transportation equipment, when user install and use, corrosion-resistant pumps arrived at installation site, some because of various reasons, water pump for calibration, the calibration method has a lot of kinds, for don't understand the user just don't know where laid a hand on him, so the following is a list of several calibration method for user reference learning; 1, when the pump before leaving the factory, usually drive on the base, and conduct & other; Coarse alignment throughout the &; To ensure that can accurately school center at the scene. This kind of situation there may be exceptions, mainly depends on the type and size driving devices. Coarse alignment may only include the adjustment of the edge to edge, and not to the vertical direction or Angle offset calibration, because they may be on the scene. No matter how accurate calibration in plant, equipment, mobile how carefully, in the process of transportation, the center will change. 2, on the base grouting after curing, should check again to the center. In the process of grouting was carried out on the base, the base is often bend or move, the problems of center. Cement solidification would produce a lot of heat, and some may be changing parameter Settings expansion force. 3, to receive the pump at the scene and the base and, on the basis of the initial placed it should be done with a center. Before grouting or will be piped to the pump must be aligned or check, it is very important. This step is often missed, resulting in a high price. 4, base right after grouting, drive on the pump, pipe shall be connected to the pump. Should pay attention to correct operation, pipe connected to the pump, should not change the center of the alignment. Based on 50 years of experience in the scene, it is easy to change pump school center position, and bring unnecessary stress to the pump. If you have to force the pipe connected to the flange, can produce stress, and may change the center of the calibration. Not to force connection pipe does not mean that no add stress to pump. In the process of operation, thermal expansion and contraction stress is produced. The stress can lead to bearing failure inside the pump and eccentric circle. 5, but should pay attention to is that when the pump is the special situations such as thermal fluid, fluid pumping temperature must be decided and the manufacturer, which according to the design of the water pump/geometry structure and the type of drive system. For the same temperature of the liquid, with induction motor drive, the installation position of pump and the center line in the bottom of the turbo water pump requirements are not the same. 6, the water pump running for a period of time ( May be a few hours) After, should shut down and check it carefully in the case, to see if have change, and according to the need to correct. Whether drive turbines, or whether the pump running under the load, should be considered. 7, school center on a regular basis. Base, base and support, as you will housing foundation settlement, cracking and mobile. As an active preventative maintenance, after a few years to review the center is a good habit. If there is a good or vibration reliability test procedure, there may be other reliable indicators to tell you the correct school center of time. 8, maintenance after inspection. For withdrawing pump ( OH1) , this is very important. In disassembly and installation of wet end or back in after the pump to the same alignment. 9, Suggestions on initial startup, about 3 ~ 5 months after review in the case of the new pump, to verify before running status.
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