- in the rotary vane vacuum pump is suitable for the processing of agricultural products

by:J&T     2020-06-29

agricultural product processing industry to promote the development of agricultural production, improve the efficiency of agricultural production is of great significance. What are the opportunities and challenges that the development of agricultural products processing?


( 1) The policy environment more favorable;

( 2) Demand is stronger;

( 3) Raw materials base more rich;

( 4) Science and technology to support more powerful.


( 1) Intensifying environmental and resource constraints;

( 2) Insufficient supply of factors of production;

( 3) The uncertainty of international trade;

( 4) Improve the quality and safety requirements.

in order to improve the agricultural product processing equipment, vacuum technology according to the actual situation and its own experience, in view of the rotary-vane vacuum pump in the application of the agricultural products processing industry for agricultural products processing industry developed a vacuum solutions. Let's learn it together.

agricultural products processing: refers to artificial production of agricultural raw materials and industrial production of the wildlife resources as raw materials combined. Generalized: refers to the human production and industrial production of the wildlife resources as raw materials combined. Special: refers to animal husbandry and its processing products of fish, as a raw material of industrial production.

vacuum freeze drying technology is one of the key technologies in the development of agricultural product processing industry, can be applied to rotary vane vacuum pump.

why rotary vane vacuum pump is the better choice of agricultural product processing industry? This needs to be explained from its working principle and characteristics.

rotary vane water pump working principle: the rotation of the rotary vane pump blades of the rotor and the pump cavity and two end cover of crescent-shaped space is divided into three parts: a, b and c. When the rotor rotates along the direction of the arrow, and suction connected space of a volume increased gradually and in the suction process. Connected with vent space volume decreases and C in exhaust process. The central space, the size of B has decreased gradually and in the compression process.

because of the space of A volume increase gradually, I. e. , inflation) , the gas pressure is reduced, and the water pump inlet gas pressure is greater than the space of the external pressure, in A gas is inhaled. When space is A from the suction, namely when it moved to the location of the space B, gas begins to be compressed, volume decreases, finally connect to discharge it. When compressed gas than exhaust pressure, the exhaust valve is compressed gas away, reservoir of gas through the tank side by side in the atmosphere. The continuous operation of the pump to achieve the purpose of the continuous extraction. If the gas channel transfer (to another through the air Low vacuum level) , before discharge into the atmosphere, it is low level low vacuum extraction and vacuum level compression, thus forming two stage pump. At this point, the total compression ratio by two stages, thus increasing vacuum degree in the end.

the performance characteristics of rotary vane vacuum pump;

( 1) Mechanical vacuum pump oil seal type, belongs to the low vacuum pump, can be used alone, also can be used as a high vacuum pump or other ultrahigh vacuum pump of the pump. Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, military industry, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, oil and medicine production and scientific research departments.

( 2) Small volume, light weight, low noise;

( 3) Equipped air valve design, can remove a small amount of water vapor;

( 4) Equipped with automatic protection oil return check valve, easy to start;

( 5) Air inlet continuous steady atmosphere operation shall not be more than one minute;

does not apply to remove a corrosive action on metals, react with pump oil and gas containing dust particles, and contains too much oxygen, explosive and toxic gas.

experience shows that X-ray 250 rotary vane vacuum pump application in the agricultural product processing industry is very appropriate. Rotary vane vacuum water pump processing products have the following prominent features: maximally keep the original product color, aroma and taste; Vegetables, for example, the natural pigment can remain the same, all kinds of aromatic material losses can be reduced to a minimum; It is especially suitable for drying and processing

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