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by:J&T     2020-04-25
In addition to salt water pump, in addition to salt water pump pump, in addition to salt water pump corrosion resistant pumps water desalination, soften water pumps, desalination anticorrosive pump is widely used in: petrochemical, acid and alkali, non-ferrous metal smelting, automobile manufacturing pickling technology, rare earth separation, pesticide, dye, medicine, papermaking, electroplating, radio and other industries. Applicable temperature: - 20 oc and 120 oc. Design features: IHF centrifugal pump designed according to international standards. body made from metal shell lining fluorine plastic. The impeller and the water pump cover made out of metal insert and fluorine plastic alloy. Shaft seal is made from external install bellows mechanical seal. Static ring by 99. 9 alumina ceramics, ring made of filled PTFE materials, with good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. The main types are: IHF50 - 32 - 160 desalination pump, IHF65 - 40 - 200 desalination pump, IHF65 - 40 - 250 desalination pump, IHF100 - 80 - 160 desalination pump, IHF100 - 65 - 200 desalination pump, IHF50 - 32 - Desalting water pump IHF65-200 40 - 315 softening water pump, IHF80 - 65 - 125 softening water pump IHF acid proof pump, acid and centrifugal pump, acid chemical pump, pump and acid proof pump, IHF80 - 65 - 160 desalination pump, IHF80 - 50 - 200 desalination pump, IHF80 - 50 - 250 desalination pump, IHF80 - 50 - 315 anti-corrosive fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, IHF100 - 80 - 125 desalination pump, pump, pump, desalted water pump corrosion resistant pump, IHF50 - 32 - 250 desalination pump, IHF65 - 50 - 125 desalination pump, IHF65 - 50 - 160 desalination pump. The previous: flocculant dosing pump next article: CZ chemical pump overview
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