Improve the self-priming pump self-priming depth to do?

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Self-priming pump is a function of self-priming pump, the pump cavity than ordinary centrifugal pump and pump magnetic water pump chamber, self-priming pump self-priming sewage pump, self-priming anticorrosive pump, self-priming pump has a limited amount of imbibition depth, usually in the 4 - 5 meters, so some condition on site is different, self-priming deeper than finite depth or far the suction to how to improve the ability of imbibition? 1, the end of the suction pipe installation of self-priming pump suction bottom valve. Suction bottom valve is actually a check valve, it ensure that water can only be by the pool in suction pipe and can't go back, so if the suction tube is full of water, although the pump axis elevation above the pool water level, but because of the suction bottom valve, the suction tube of water will not flow into the pool, can make the suction tube is full of water all the time, ensure the pump automatically, rapid start. Bottom valve will be cancelled, but instead is a simple water barrel, thus solved the problem of the water water pump can't often water, is used. 2, decrease the feed water pipe bend self-priming pump, drop height and horizontal intervals. 3, self-priming pump set before the pump suction tank. This way needs to be on the water pump suction pipe to set up a water tank, pump before the first run, the tank should be artificial filled with water, run after resting, as a result of absorbing water tank inlet pipe height above the tube surface height, although the water level below the height of the tank water in tank, tank of water will not flow back, into the pool, so the water tank can store a certain amount of water, and as a result of the water tank outlet pipe ( The pump suction pipe) Height below the tube surface height, so to make sure that the suction tube is full of water pump, pump running, again inside the water tank of water water pump, tank on the negative pressure, the water in the pool under the action of atmospheric pressure, supplement to the water tank, by absorbing water tank inside the pool. ( This method of trouble but practical) 4, directly to the vacuum self-priming pump impeller together with the centrifugal pump. Self-priming pump set vacuum pump in the pump suction pipe on the road, before starting the pump, vacuum pump to start, first make the pump suction tube is full of water, first ensure the pump automatically, rapid start. This way of absorbing perfect automatic control system is needed to guarantee the normal work.
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