Imports in the application of vacuum import process - vacuum pump system

by:J&T     2020-05-16

imported vacuum pump system in vacuum import process, in the mold surface laid reinforced material, and then laid vacuum bag accessories, such as air extraction system, vacuum bag and cavity formed between negative pressure, using the pressure generated in the process of pumping air into vacuum state, press the resin through laying pipe into the reinforced material, the resin infiltration reinforced material, finally fills the mold, the product after curing, remove accessories, for product from the mold.

key words in the above introduction:

reinforced material: vacuum import reinforced material is usually dry glass fiber, carbon fiber, sandwich materials.

accessories: vacuum import accessories including demoulding cloth, guide network, vacuum bag, winding pipe, vacuum tubes, etc.

resin: vacuum import with the viscosity of the resin system generally is 0. 15 - 0. 8 seconds, reinforced material can only be fully under the action of vacuum pressure impregnation.

import vacuum technology advantages:

high quality products: resin in vacuum infiltration reinforced material, compared with the traditional hand lay-up process, bubbles in products is less;

reducing resin loss: through import vacuum technology, can be accurately calculated amount of resin;

resin distribution uniform: for a product, produced by the different parts of the vacuum pressure is consistent, so the resin to enhance the penetration rate and content uniformity of material;

environmental protection: import vacuum technology is a closed mold process, volatile organic compounds and toxic air pollutants are limited in a vacuum bag, greatly improve the working environment, expand the scope of available materials;

the integrity of the product good: reinforcement, laminated structure, pipe embedded parts can be formed at the same time, such as improving the integrity of the product.

import vacuum technology drawback:

the preparation process takes long and complicated: mold release cloth laid properly, diversion, effective vacuum sealing, etc.

produce more of the process of waste: mold release cloth, diversion net, vacuum bags and other accessories are one-time use;

some risks exist in the product manufacturing, especially for large complex structure of the product, once the resin infusion fails, the product is very easy to scrap.

import vacuum technology application domain:

auto industry: all kinds of roof, windshield, carriage;

sports leisure: helmets, windsurfing;

wind source: blades and engine cover;

hull, hull girder and framework, deck, directional tank, radar screen;

: building sites, construction template construction on the top;

the granary dome, agricultural machinery protection cover.

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