_ imported vacuum pump working environment requirements

by:J&T     2020-05-16
A. Import vacuum pumps of reasonable installation location is the prerequisite for the correct use of vacuum pump

1: working temperature for 5 to 30 degrees Celsius. The higher the working temperature, the higher the temperature of the vacuum pump. Environment pressure: the atmospheric pressure

2: installation location should be spacious, good lighting, air relative humidity is low, the dust is small, the air quiet, air is good. Eli use and maintenance.

3: vacuum pump shall be installed in explosive area. Vacuum pump of the surface layer is not contact with combustible material.

4: standby maintenance space, vacuum pump and the wall must be at least one meter apart, vacuum pump head space should be more than 1 m apart. Reserved channel maintenance. When used in a closed system, must be installed in order to promote gas circulation water pump and exhaust equipment and reciprocating motion. In general, for pumping and discharge of single equipment exhaust must exceed the vacuum pump displacement.

2. Before installation imported vacuum pump should pay attention to the phenomenon of

1: vacuum pump installation site selection is very important. Taken after the user not only to buy vacuum pump random position, and use it immediately after the pipeline, and there is no overall planning in advance. Don't know this kind of boring use causes such as the negative impact of the vacuum pump failure and inconvenient maintenance.

2: before installation, check whether the packing is in good condition, check whether the device is damaged. After unpacking, should be in strict accordance with the relevant transport considerations for device handling and installation work.

3. Pay special attention to import vacuum pump duct pipe

1: branch pipe must be removed from the top head, and do not allow the solid or liquid into the vacuum pump.

2: director of pipeline, pipe diameter should not be lower than the vacuum pump inlet flange diameter. It is best to use a larger design value of pipe diameter to make the pressure drop is not too big.

3: pipe head, to connect the pipe should avoid stress produced vacuum pump. If necessary, please install the flexible connector.

4: the diameter of the main roads do not need to be small. If you need to reduce the pipe diameter, you must use reducer, can appear otherwise interface turbulent, lead to work the pressure loss is bigger. Avoid to use the bend in the pipe and all kinds of valve to reduce the pressure loss of pipe. 。

5: exhaust pipe is not allowed to provide throttling device, the exhaust pipe by avoiding the foreign body should be returned to install the pump. And take effective avoid static electricity.

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