Imported vacuum pump vacuum pump _ solid, liquid, or gas

by:J&T     2020-05-16

vacuum to send because of the water ring pump isothermal compression outstanding advantages, it is especially suitable for pumping, pumping or flammable and explosive gas, and because the water seal, it can be inhaled and pumping toxic and harmful gas. As far as possible to avoid and reduce the harm. I believe that most users know the vacuum material can be a solid, liquid, or gas. New vacuum dry sand, old sand, dry soil powder, coal powder and some powdered materials ( Such as oxidation of zinc powder) Is a typical example of vacuum. Next, we will introduce the vacuum pumping solid, vacuum conveying liquid and vacuum gas.

vacuum conveying and positive pressure conveying using differential pressure to push the material delivery. Vacuum to use imported vacuum pump or blower to internal changes to the vacuum system and with the outside atmospheric pressure differential pressure formation, making materials in the state of suspension in the pipeline, finally to separate materials. Materials and gas flowing through the separator.

yes, vacuum pumping can use imported vacuum pump, also can use blower vacuum for delivery. Usually, in the process of vacuum pumping vacuum reached 30 to 50 kPa, namely vacuum pump, and only need in the process of pumping from 80 to 90 kPa vacuum, it can be realized through the use of the blower. In other words, the use of vacuum pump is a high vacuum suction, and use the blower to vacuum conveying is low vacuum. One thing to know is, the higher the degree of vacuum, the air is thinner, accordingly in the process of transportation material carrying capacity will be reduced.

import vacuum pumps in vacuum, the application of some problems need to be aware of:

1, vacuum pumping solid

by pumping the materials generally have sand, salt, iron filings, refractory clay, clay powder, etc. Therefore, we need to rational selection of air velocity to import vacuum pumps, this is very important. Is too small, less than the settling velocity of the material, the material transport, cannot be attracted or poor transmission congestion will happen; Is too small, not only consumed power increase, and accelerate the transporting pipe equipment wear and tear.

2, vacuum pumping liquid

this is divided into two ways: direct introduction of pumping and pumping.

direct pumping: imported directly to the liquid suction vacuum pump, row again to where it is needed. This is the problem of water pump pumping liquid directly, want to consider whether is pumped liquid has corrosive to the vacuum water pump, is toxic, flammable, explosive and so on, otherwise the relevant measures should be taken.

indirect pumping: namely the pump suction a middle container gas, make its forming a vacuum, and then sending liquid inhaling the container. In order to prevent being pumped fluid is pumped into the vacuum pump by mistake, should be between the container and the water pump set one or more of the buffer tank. Liquid density is big, is separated from inside the tank.

3, vacuum pumping gas

this is the most basic application of import vacuum pumps, the difference is their purpose is not to form a container vacuum, but rather through the formation of the vacuum pump, the gas piped out again.

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