Imported vacuum pump used in what respect _

by:J&T     2020-05-17

import vacuum pumps mainly refers to foreign brands of vacuum pump. There are many brands of imported vacuum pump. Germany is the vacuum pump production power. Vacuum pump is widely used in all walks of life, is indispensable in vacuum technology. With the vigorous development of the economic globalization and national economic, imported vacuum pump application is more and more widely in China. This paper briefly introduces the application of Chinese import vacuum pumps.

import vacuum pump according to the scope of application can be divided into rotary vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump and screw water pump. Vacuum pump is a kind of rotation capacity, in the application of vacuum water pump plays a vital role. Imported vacuum pump is widely used in food processing, manufacturing, aerospace and metallurgical industry.

import the application of the vacuum pump can be divided into the following:

1. Widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical, oil chemical industry, metallurgy and energy industries. Vacuum pump can extract all kinds of gas, including acidic gas, flammable and explosive gases. In the food processing industry, import vacuum pumps can perform sublimation, drying and dehydration tasks, including vacuum drying, vacuum storage and vacuum evaporation.

2。 Automotive applications. Driving force of the vacuum pump through the negative pressure in the form of increased import vacuum pumps, complete car manufacturing various tasks. Vacuum pump of the main parameters include: the speed of vacuum pump at different times, different speed of vacuum form and the volume of a vacuum tank.

3。 Small vacuum water pump applications. At present, you can see small vacuum pump, including the footbath, coffee machines, and aquatic animals. Small vacuum pump is widely used in liquid or gas analysis equipment. Common 3 d printers, medical equipment and PM2. 5 air. The quality inspection, etc.

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