Imported vacuum pump used in coal mining coal-bed methane drainage

by:J&T     2020-05-17

coalbed methane extraction in coal mine production safety have the practical significance of the key, the mine coalbed methane drainage, is in order to reduce and eliminate the threat of coalbed methane in coal mine production safety of mine, using industrial equipment and special pipeline caused by air pressure, the coal which abstract entities or release of coalbed methane, to the road address, or the safety of the coal mine production safety have the practical significance of the key. And imported vacuum pump more and more widely used in coal mine exhaust gas of coal bed methane (CBM), the model selection on the accuracy of the coal-bed gas drainage in coal mine safety is particularly important. To standard coal mining coal-bed gas drainage technology, enhance coalbed methane drainage effect and prevention of coal bed methane safety accidents, ensure the safety production in coal mine, described in more detail in the vacuum pump, basically to formulate import vacuum pumps in the application of coal mining coal bed methane drainage pump selection criteria.

coal mining coal-bed gas is the major workplace safety of mine production safety accident hidden danger, the drainage of coal bed methane mining face is to reduce the mine coalbed methane emitted amount is one of the most effective countermeasures, coalbed methane (CBM) using the actual effect of immediate cause harm to the mine safety. Path to enhance coalbed methane drainage effect is urgent, the use of the new CBM drainage pump, enhance coalbed methane extraction ability to work, to deal with the mine CBM pumping capacity is too small, the problem of low negative pressure, greatly reduce coal working face gas concentration is often beyond the security risks, ensure the normal production of mine safety.

with the vacuum equipment of its use in the manufacture and scientific research industry category of gas pressure regulation becomes more and more wide, most must be made up of several types of vacuum pump vacuum pump vacuum system software after vacuum can consider to the provisions of the manufacturing process and the scientific research, because the pressure of the vacuum water pump using the unit involved in the category of a very wide, so all a kind of vacuum pump pressure is unlikely to be completely applicable to all categories, only the categories according to different pressure and different work standards, application of different kinds of vacuum pump. For ease of use and the whole process of all kinds of vacuum pump process must, sometimes will be all kinds of vacuum pump according to provisions of its characteristics, used in generating set form.

coal mining coal-bed gas drainage with imported vacuum pump selection criteria:

1. The volume of coal seam gas pump must consider mine coal bed methane drainage period forecast by the larger CBM pumping capacity;

2。 Coal seam gas pump air pressure overcome drainage coal-bed gas pipeline system software of the larger frictional resistance, and play the orifice leads to moderate pressure smoke object completely;

3。 Gas concentration less than 25% of the mine drainage, and not try using dry coal bed methane drainage equipment.

import vacuum pump used in coal mine of coalbed methane drainage should accord with design requirement, to do well the safety of the drainage effect.

       1. The layout of the coalbed methane drainage sewage treatment plant, the general vacuum pump the sewage treatment plant was built in the road, coalbed methane drainage fire pump room wall, Tent bar) Selected category shall ensure that drainage of coal bed methane no resident in fire pump room around 20 m category, no open flame in 50 m category, there shall be no flammability, inflammable, explosive, and install four fire extinguishers and no less than 0. 5 m3 river sand, sewage treatment plant set up surrounding the fire hydrant.

       2. Drainage of coal seam gas pump and ancillary machinery and equipment, should be at least 1 set of reserve.

3。 Coalbed methane drainage pump in order to ensure the safety operation of coalbed methane drainage system software and mine production safety, the coalbed methane drainage system software must have a sound safety inspection system, to the operation of sewage treatment plant natural environment of the gas concentration, power supply, drainage gas concentration, the pumping volume and the concentration of the gas outlet of main parameters to carry out the inspection into the mine system.

       4. Fire pump room must have a full-time staff on duty, often test the main parameters, do well the record. When drainage pump of coal seam end run into, be sure to immediately report to the control center. If the utilization of coalbed methane, operation and repair after the expiration of the coal seam gas pump before, be sure to notice enterprise application of coalbed methane, after winning willing to, can supply of coalbed methane.

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