Imported vacuum pump technology in use - automated machinery

by:J&T     2020-05-17

in recent years, the use of vacuum technology becomes more and more common, clean, high efficiency and the economic development of small and medium-sized, vacuum components and the development trend of the system software, promote the import vacuum pump technology in the application of automated machinery - Vacuum adsorption jig can stable and on adsorption of steel, and it is not easy to damage on the surface of the steel. Powered by vacuum pressure device, as a key way of mechanical processing and manufacturing, has been in the machinery manufacturing, light industry machinery, food equipment, medical equipment, printing equipment, plastic machinery, packaging equipment, intelligent robot, and household electrical appliances manufacture many manufacturing industries widely used. Wedges on the surface of all have a bright and clean, very is for non-metallic materials and unfavorable clamping blocks, such as thin soft paper, plastic film, easily broken and laminated glass products, integrated circuit chips and other small high precision parts, the vacuum adsorption, can be applied to all kinds of work.

automation technology in the large and medium-sized machinery and equipment, nickname automation technology and equipment. Equipment or devices in which there is no human intervention in accordance with the relevant provisions under the condition of program flow or command automatic carry out practical or manipulate the whole process of operation. Therefore, automation technology is the industrial production, agriculture, national defence and science and technology progress key standards and significant sign of intelligence.

vacuum system consists of vacuum pumps, PLC program flow automatic control system, air compressor, air tank, vacuum tube, vacuum valve, and blocking his overseas constitute the complete sets of equipment of vacuum system. At present, it is widely used in electronic devices semiconductor industry, optical backlight module, mechanical processing and manufacturing and other manufacturing industries. When the vacuum system to protect the plant already contains the manipulation of pump efficiency, air inlet filter, key operation data information display and operation maintenance and remote operating outlets, etc. Only must be on the scene to carry out simple connection and switch power supply line, which can form a vacuum system in detail. Automatic control system by excellent after programming, PLC control system software is industrial touch screen with touch screen, keep walking on the vacuum system, steel, magnetic control target, process set up and implement and maintain a alarm system software such as full mechanical automation.

common include dry vacuum pump extruder screw vacuum pump, water ring pump, reciprocating water pump, rotary vane pumps, rotary vane pump, roots vacuum pump and diffusion pump, etc. , this is imported vacuum pump in our country social economy the indispensable main application field of vacuum processing technology in the whole process of pump.

structural characteristics of import vacuum pumps

1, the pump structure form

the layout of the vacuum pump shell structure of decision-making for the overall structure of the pump.

2, the transmission system of the water pump approach

the vacuum pump 2 motor rotor is based on a high precision gear to keep its relativity with step. Drive shaft according to the connecting shaft is connected to the motor.

import vacuum pump prices and technology has been discussed in the application of automated machinery, vacuum system was introduced in detail, the common vacuum water pump, and its structural characteristics of a vacuum pump. With the development of the vacuum application trend, in the tide of equipment to replace people, vacuum technology will full play in the automated production of more and more critical. In the effective use of vacuum technology in mechanical design automation can simplify mechanical equipment structure, reduce the manufacturing cost, improve mechanical equipment production efficiency and credibility.

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