Imported vacuum pump repair and maintenance method? _

by:J&T     2020-05-16

in the vacuum pump on the market today, the types of imported vacuum pump is rich, because it is not difficult to find from the using effect, import device effect is very good, so now the customers demand for imported vacuum pump is also growing. World-renowned brand import vacuum pumps have such as atlas ( Atalas Copco) Vacuum pump, Germany department times g ( 斑点) Vacuum pump, becker ( Busch) Vacuum water pump, lai treasure ( LEYBOLD) Vacuum pump, Edward ( 爱德华兹) Vacuum pump, baker ( 贝克) In the vacuum pump, clarks ( Rietschle) Vacuum pump, etc. Imported vacuum water pump performance and other aspects are good, but involves the maintenance and after-sales service, the best is to find a professional manufacturers, some not professional vacuum pump maintenance personnel not only cannot solve the technical problems, will also cause secondary damage to import vacuum pumps.

but before repair, we will try to do a good job in maintenance of imports of correct maintenance of the vacuum pump can reduce the difficulty of the imported vacuum pump repair, shenzhen heng just import of mechanical and electronic to use vacuum pump of enterprises to provide some Suggestions, for your reference:

1. First installation import vacuum pumps, should check whether the motor is forward, which is inside the motor and pump rotor to consistent, general motor marked above the motor running direction.

2。 Long downtime before start the vacuum pump, vacuum pump should be interrupted repeatedly started.

3。 After using the vacuum pump, vacuum pump oil processing.

4。 If is rotary-vane vacuum pump shall be installed in a clean, clean environment, should not have impurities, dust, water, high temperature area.

5。 In the vacuum pump oil temperature during operation should not be higher than 75 degrees, such as the cause of the problem, please immediately contact vacuum pump manufacturers.

6。 If there is a suction vacuum pump impurity, dust, water, chemicals and other dangerous potential, should be equipped with vacuum pump inlet position precision filter, if the impurity and dust, water quantity is too big, must be equipped with piggy bank filtering, in order to prevent the dust and impurities such as water chemicals into the vacuum pump.

7。 Should be replaced periodically vacuum pump oil, 3 - commonly Six months for a replacement, such as pump oil emulsification, carbonization, etc. , found special vacuum pump oil should also be timely replacement.

8。 The normal operation of vacuum pump, the pump shall be maintained within the vacuum pump oil is not lower than the oil line, oil should be about two-thirds the mirror, refueling, it is strictly prohibited to use with different type and mixed type vacuum pump oil.

9。 If the vacuum pump running 24 hours a day, must every six months to a vacuum pump maintenance.

import the high efficiency of the pump can let us save more manpower, long service life can save us the cost of buying equipment, low failure rate can give us a lot of trouble back at home, and so on. There are some fake imported vacuum pump accessories, import vacuum water pump failure, if you need to replace parts, be sure to find regular vendors, counterfeit import vacuum pump accessories may first, secondary use without exception, after several times use, authentic and fake is out. Hope that we can look to the real thing when the choose and buy imported vacuum pump, and positive for repair and maintenance.

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