Imported vacuum pump pipeline system how to reasonably allocate to the paper mill -

by:J&T     2020-05-16

imported vacuum pump pipeline system how to reasonably allocate to the paper mill

closely related to the normal operation of the imported vacuum pump pipeline system including gas piping and its accessories and supplies working liquid in the pipeline. From paper machine vacuum component interface to vent the gas pipeline vacuum system and its components, accor red according to the flow direction, respectively: before the separator pipes, gas pipes, water separator before the separator after pipes, gas water separator or drain.

1。 Front line before and after the separator

when the pipeline layout inside the shop for a long time, can choose separator before the gas velocity is 18 m/s, to determine the separator before the pipe diameter. Before separator after pipeline gas flow speed of 28 m/s of the choice, and then calculate the pipe diameter. If separator flange dimensions and import and export before the separator, size reducing pipe connection should be adopted. Separator before when pipeline layout is short, the entry and exit of the diameter of the flange can be directly used to determine the connection pipes. Gas pipeline layout should be conducive to the drainage, and minimize the elbow Settings. According to the flow direction, the pipe should be gradually tilted down, should be more than 1 degree tilt Angle. Sometimes, in order to convenient installation, some paper will pipe installed directly to the ground. Pipe water, causing the pipe loss increase, vacuum fluctuations, affect the quality of paper. If the water is collected by gas into the vacuum pump, vacuum pump can also lead to particle sudden increase of motor current, sometimes even damage the pump blades.

2。 Lead gas water separator

before - air Water separator is used to separate from the vacuum dewatering element to remove water, stop the pump contains and paper chemical additives into the water, and to avoid the pump volume and the effects of the shaft power and the vacuum pump damage. When the moisture content of air water mixture reaches vacuum water pump work moisture content of 50%, the need to pre separator. Separator of gas velocity should be controlled below 5 m/s, to ensure that the better separation effect.

3。 Rear gas water separator or drain

after the gas water separator or drains is a vacuum pump working liquid recycling equipment, design good after separator or drain can also have very good noise reduction effect. After gas water separator or drain poorly designed, lead to rising import vacuum pump shaft power, motor power, and even motor trip.

4。 Vacuum pump of water supply pipe

from the trend, the vacuum pump working fluid by circulating water supply, water pumped from the storage tank under the cooling tower, vacuum pump as the working fluid supply particles. Usually need a certain pressure head conical vacuum pump water supply, so you need series centrifugal pump for water supply pipe pressure. Plate type vacuum pump doesn't need series centrifugal pump, because the pressure pump water interface required close to atmospheric pressure, connected to the storage tank can rise only 3 meters. Water supply pipeline design, should pay attention to traffic control at 1. Around 5 ~ 2 m/s, if flow rate is too fast, there will be a so-called 'rob water' phenomenon, lead to water pump gas to reduce or run unstable.

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