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by:J&T     2020-05-18

import vacuum pumps for people to work at ordinary times, to provide for manufacture often use a kind of machinery and equipment, the application when people will encounter a variety of common failures, such as: vacuum pump up smoke, vacuum water pump, vacuum pump, vacuum pump, vacuum pump oil leakage, noise, high temperature, vacuum pump, vacuum pump, vacuum pump is not the force does not turn, vacuum pump working pressure is very small, vacuum pump leakage, etc. Actually common problem with one of the vacuum pump, many cases are due to common mistake operation, when imported vacuum pump leakage situation, people should be how to deal with?

import vacuum pump leaking into the problem without panic, imported vacuum pump leakage situation, people should be how to deal with? People against the actual problem analysis exactly what reason lead to the common faults, then there is purpose to deal with.

1, if found work of diesel engine vacuum pump leakage, shall immediately terminate its work, should make its at least steady speed ratio, in addition to the refrigeration system inside edge and the river water ( Note: open the cover, the water should be put on the cover, avoid being in the water vapor burns) , make the diesel engine cooling down, in the short term, the slow speed driving, driving to the surrounding hiding place to carry out clear. If it is by vacuum pump casing crack and leakage, damage and loss of pump water or vacuum pump parts efficacy, can consider changing the relevant parts, fault detection.

2. If the vacuum pump damage very serious, midway and no maintenance standards, the vacuum pump inlet and outlet can be connected and immediately in a flexible use of course circulation of hot water pipe system efficacy of temporary make diesel engine to maintain normal temperature; Or use a tube or plastic bucket as vessels, its rigidly fixed to live, then from the vessel to two rubber hose, smokes on diesel engine inlet pipe, the other one in the diesel engine on the drain of two pipe moreover end is inserted into the vessel, and fixed rubber hose should be strengthened.

3, engineering machinery driving or working in the whole process, vacuum pump, water seal leakage often appear. If it does not appear to jilt hydrosphere destroyed or rise of large deformation, water seal play Huang Li enough common fault or fracture etc, can carry out first aid. Emergency treatment of the specific method is: if the vacuum pump is sealed by sealing is not leaking had mild leaks, but not so serious damage, but on the glass or tablet spread a sand paper, the water seal sealing plan grinding leveling can; Can also rotate the bakelite water seal before application. But all should pay attention to, on the water surface should be carried out on the cover and vacuum pump body grinding, in order to ensure its sealing properties.

apart from above three kinds of reason and practice, imported vacuum pump leaking condition also may be because of this a few kinds: 1) the circulatory system storage tank is leaking. To the storage tank to carry out the repair, but must be see on which manufacturing industry, different manufacturing industry is not the same way, there are many ways, the actual repair way must consult technical professional vacuum pump manufacturers. (2) the pump casing leakage. Such as pump shell be etching through, be moved around the pump. Or gas containing corrosion, be sure to conversion processing of stainless steel explosion-proof type vacuum pump motor, long life, corrosion resistance, the price a little higher than general motors, and relativity is generally German brand. (3) machine seal damage, replace seal.

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