Imported vacuum pump in the electrical installation process - what are the applications

by:J&T     2020-06-29

with the development of vacuum science and technology, the import of the application of the vacuum pump is more and more widely, especially in the aerospace, aviation, high energy physics, controlled thermonuclear fusion, surface physics, semiconductor and microelectronics and other advanced science. Vacuum insulation, drying, evaporation, distillation, distillation, condensation, enrichment, potting, impregnation, and coating vacuum technology is also widely used in the avionics products such as electrical assembly process. Import vacuum pumps, then, what are the applications in electrical installation process?

in order to guarantee the reliability of aerospace components and required quality screening test, improve the quality of aerospace electronic products assembly, in aerospace electronic products assembly process, there are mainly several aspects, such as vacuum packaging, vacuum leaching paint and vacuum coating, etc. At the same time, made a thorough test and study on it.

today, small make up a brief analysis for the electrical installation imported vacuum pump vacuum sealing technology.

( 1) Encapsulation mechanism

potting is potting materials such as liquid epoxy resin by mechanical or manual method in mould with electric components, and under the condition of normal temperature or heat curing process. Vacuum sealing is a process, of which the potting material under the condition of vacuum degassing, and then under the condition of vacuum mold filled with electronic components, finally curing and forming.

due to potting a bubble or material leakage defects under ordinary conditions of existence, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product. These defects resulting in a decline in the insulation performance of the product, the problem such as a spark, corona and electric arc. By use of vacuum encapsulation technology, the well solves the bubbles or material defects such as leakage. Improve the insulation to ensure the product quality.

( 2) Vacuum encapsulation process

vacuum encapsulation technology mainly includes cleaning, drying, surface treatment, such as ingredients, mixing, vacuum degassing process. First of all, the design and manufacture special potting mold, in cleaning and predrying link to cleaning products, dry goods, moisture in the mould to be included in the mould, then pouring sealant mixture stirring, then glue solution vacuum degassing; Because under normal conditions there is a small amount of gas in potting material, and when mixed them there will be a small amount of mixed gases, the gases in the potting material will be decreased through vacuum degassing '.

electrical installation process adopts imported vacuum pump technology. By the obtained good effect, achieve the expected purpose. Vacuum sealing technology, gas into a solid insulation insulation, effectively improve product insulating ability, to ensure normal operation of low pressure. Vacuum dip-coating technique internal seamless complete coating processing of electronic products, in order to improve the ability of the products overall dielectric strength and high pressure resistance. Vacuum coating technology formed by vapor deposition on the surface of the product thickness, dielectric constant has the stable film, almost don't change the product appearance, has the stable dielectric constant improve the whole high-voltage insulation products. Improve product quality, increase the technology content, to guarantee the products reliable work under vacuum. In the future, it is necessary to further use of vacuum pump, the perfect process, to improve the quality of products.

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