Imported vacuum pump in the aquaculture industry how to use __

by:J&T     2020-05-17

with the improvement of economic level and the progress of science and technology, aquaculture has become one of the important economic industry in China. Aquaculture scale benefit to decrease the import of Chinese aquatic products, increase output, improve China's aquatic products production enterprise. These benefits also promoted the development of the regional economy, realize the sustainable development of the economy, solves the problem of employment. At present, there are still some problems for Chinese aquaculture. In order to transport live fish without causing damage to the fish has developed a imported vacuum pump application in aquaculture. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the structure of imported vacuum pump, characteristics and transmission mode.

with the rapid development of China's aquaculture industry, all kinds of advanced water treatment technology has been widely used, including import vacuum pump application in aquaculture.

import vacuum pumps in the pump body arrangement determines the overall structure of the pump. Inlet and outlet of the level of vertical structure is set up, easy to assembly and connection pipe. However, the pump with a high center of gravity and poor stability under high speed, so this type is mainly used for small pump.

the entry point is located at the top of the pump, is at the bottom of exports. Sometimes installation and connection pipe of the vacuum system is convenient, and vent can from the horizontal direction, namely, the direction of the air intake and exhaust perpendicular to each other. At this point, the vent can be opened from the left or the right direction, in addition to one end of the exhaust pipe, and the other end is blocked or connected to the bypass valve. When the pump low center of gravity, high-speed stability is good. Often, large and medium-sized pump use this type of structure.

the two rotor axis is perpendicular to the level of the pump installation. Structure assembly clearance is easy to control, easy to rotor components, pump cover an area of an area small. However, pump with a high center of gravity and the gear is not convenient to assemble and disassemble, and lubrication mechanism is relatively complex.

import vacuum pump by a pair of high precision gear transmission way means that the two rotor relative synchronous operation. The drive shaft through the shaft coupling to the motor. Transmission structure there are two main types: one is a motor and gear is located in the same side of the rotor. Gear transmission driven directly by the motor rotor end, make active rotor shaft torsional deformation is small, the gaps between the rotor will not happen by drive shaft torsional deformation is big change, so the gap between the two. The rotor is operating. In the process.

in fact, vacuum pump and Gao Ruifeng machine, gauri high-pressure blower and gauri is similar to the principle of high pressure air pump. You should not be confused by different name. It is mainly used for folding machine, paper cutter, water treatment aeration, aquaculture. , silk screen printing, photographic plate maker, injection molding machine, automatic feed drying machine, paper delivery, collection, environmental protection water treatment, central dust removal and environment protection, aquaculture, screen printing, plating, dust removing, food, packaging, fill the air transportation and other industries.

enterprise sewage treatment by activated sludge process, so the import vacuum pumps of wastewater treatment is necessary. After using imported vacuum pump for sewage treatment, waste water treatment of all kinds of vacuum pump features and comprehensive cost-effective, suggest using vacuum water pump products, because of its high efficiency, low failure rate, low comprehensive cost, control adjustment. Automatic adjustment, the system is complete, can reduce the human input and maintenance workload.

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