_ imported vacuum pump heating problem solving method

by:J&T     2020-05-17

import vacuum pumps sometimes fever after using for a long time. What are the reasons? What is the effect of vacuum pump heating for production?

a, the cause of the fever

1. Importing the circulating water vacuum pump too little. There are two kinds of circulating water use. One is cooling vacuum pump, the other one is under the rotating impeller in the pump cavity formation water ring. Under the impeller rotating, the air in the water. Compressed air inside.

2。 Suction gas temperature is higher, circulating water vacuum degree of more than 30 degrees. After a day's run continuously, vacuum pump and the kettle was boiling the same at home. Balance in the pump. After the impeller is difficult to operate, the friction increases and lead to heat.

two, eliminating method

1. Remove the motor cover, a rotary motor fan blade is flexible, flexible rotation, no scale. Operation difficulty, open the exhaust pipe of the pump, use hand lamp check whether there is internal calibration. Scale will cause the impeller wear, burning motor, and a spring mechanical seal is apt to lock due to scale on the shaft. Face after wear, does not automatically added, which leads to the mechanical seal leakage and burned motors.

2。 Vacuum water pump is a kind of air water pump, allow a small amount of liquid. If absorbing material containing large amounts of water, shall be installed in the front buffer tank, inhale large amounts of water can destroy the impeller.

3。 Imported vacuum pump suction gas temperature is very high, using tap water to make circulating water, or use the condenser cooling gas.

note: vacuum pump must be equipped with overload protector, to prevent the motor due to overload burned. Connecting pipe cannot be thinned 70%. If the pipe is too thin and drainage is not smooth, can lead to motor overheating.

usually, when we use to import vacuum pumps, constant mechanical and electrical technology company advised according to find solutions to these points, and in the later use correct operation.

in order to safe operating import vacuum pumps, vacuum pump must strictly abide by the following procedure.

( 1) The preparation before pumping

1. Check the connection between the to check parts are in good condition.

2。 Open the inlet valve of water tank, water tank into the specified level; Open the vacuum pump suction valve and discharge valve.

3。 Close vacuum tank inlet valve and drain valve.

( 2) When ready, pump can be started. When the vacuum tank reaches a certain degree of vacuum, can open the suction valve pump to centrifugal pump; When oil tanker sweeps across the bottom, the operation of the vacuum pump and centrifugal pump pumping oil from the operation of the same.

( 3) In the process of maintenance pump operation, pump truck should strictly pay attention to the position, concentration, look carefully, and do it:

1. Hear the sound of the pump and motor run time.

2。 Look, vacuum, vacuum tank liquid level, water circulating water, bearing lubrication, etc.

3。 Touch, touch the bearing and motor temperature.

( 4) Stop the pump

1. Close the suction valve first, and then open the inlet valve of the vacuum tank, the last stop vacuum pump;

2。 Empty vacuum tank and close the relevant valves.

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