Imported vacuum pump exhaust gas treatment of two kinds of effective methods to _

by:J&T     2020-05-17

the factory in the vacuum water pump will make part of the exhaust gas volatilization. In fact, the vacuum pump itself does not produce waste gas. The exhaust fumes from vacuum pump system used in the gas composition is mainly work. How to deal with this part of the waste gas simple and direct, small investment. Collecting and purifying the discharge is carbon adsorption. Adsorption characteristics of activated carbon adsorption harmful ingredients, can be used to achieve good effect of cleaning the air. Let us know the import vacuum pumps of two kinds of waste gas treatment.

the waste gas generated by the vacuum water pump is not the only one. The two methods are used to make organic waste gas by purification equipment, after collecting and emissions to the atmosphere through 15 meters a chimney.

1。 Carbon adsorption method, is mainly composed of activated carbon layer and supporting layer. Activated carbon has a gap, specific surface area, strong adsorption ability. It is because of the characteristics of the activated carbon, it is widely used in the depth of the water treatment, such as water, the water depth of the late processing ( Clean water) 。 Using activated carbon after a period of time, the adsorption of adsorbate, gradually become saturated, lose working ability, serious when infiltration filter layer. Therefore, we should for activated carbon regeneration or replacement.

2。 Ion purification method: using high temperature form low temperature plasma generator, and the average energy of about 5 ev under the action of a large number of electronic, organic waste gas molecules such as benzene, toluene, xylene into various active particles through the purifier and air. O2 together produce low molecular harmless substance, such as H2O and CO2, to purify the waste gas. In the process, when organic gas into the cold ion reaction chamber, air evenly distributed to the plasma reaction chamber ( PRC) 。 Reaction chamber is divided into 149 hexagon pipe, each tube in the center with coronary line, separated from the reaction chamber.

high pressure line is used to guide the reaction chamber to adjust the high pressure, and high pressure are transmitted to the tube line in the tube. Discharge occur from conductor to the wall. Once the discharge, the plasma electrons collide with gas molecules chemically active species, commonly known as free radicals and load carrier. In addition, it also has the function of micro electrostatic precipitator can remove dust.

the above import vacuum pumps are introduced two methods used in the waste gas processing system. In fact, there are many kinds of methods and means, mainly is the vacuum water pump exhaust pipe collection. It is necessary to design director of pipe diameter, branch pipe diameter and so on, and then use suction side. Inhale air collection problem remains, choose how large in air volume and air pressure fan, these are the decontamination effect.

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