Imported vacuum pump detonating how to guard against _

by:J&T     2020-05-17

on imported vacuum pump exhaust pipe explosion phenomenon reason, we will arrange related materials and consulting relevant experts summarizes the following processing method, hope to be of help.

1, import vacuum filter

in the process of vacuum pump suction air from the entrance, a small amount of material and residual liquid inhaled pump valve plate, and some oil and stick on the valve plate of the pump. These materials at high temperature for a long time to form carbide carbon sediment. Under certain conditions, the mixture of combustible gas is easy to cause explosion, discharging, and through the exhaust pipe to form a crackle. In order to eliminate this kind of phenomenon, can be installed on the inlet pipe of pump filter unit to filter dust or residual liquid, and regular cleaning filters to ensure good performance of plant. At the same time, should be timely maintenance and clean the pump body. Practice has proved that the work had better once every three months to complete.

2, imported vacuum pump cooling

when the vacuum pump piston within the cylinder for reciprocating motion, pump through high temperature, provides the material carbonization conditions, eventually cause an accident. To avoid this situation, the operator need to start the pump before the first open pump cooling system, and ensure the system inlet and outlet pipe unimpeded. High temperature caused by the cooling water pump body caused the main reason of the accident is the operator is not strong sense of responsibility, violation of operating procedures and ignore.

3, washing and buffer

add water and buffer tank before import vacuum pumps, suction can effectively eliminate the residual liquid, the mixed air also has the certain cooling effect. In practice, however, often appear the following two phenomena: the first, when the amount of residual liquid tank, a small amount of fluid drawn into the pump body, the materials will be carbide at high temperature. ; Second, when large amounts of residual liquid, if not timely eduction, vacuum water pump could cause pump suction liquid substances and flushing, lead to equipment is a major accident. Therefore, workers in the process of production need to have a strong sense of responsibility, timely discharge residual liquid, so as to avoid accidents.

4, imported vacuum pump exhaust pipe blockage or uneven

blocking or non-blocking exhaust pipe could lead to a gas mixture containing methanol steam discharge in a timely manner. When accumulated to a certain degree, it will be a strong leakage, which may explode and even explode. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, this could be due to a design flaw, lead to the exhaust pipe position is relatively low, the water in the pipeline or oil accumulation; Also may be due to some human factors or natural factors, for example, did not open or open the outlet valve is insufficient, the rain cover the lid of the collapse, causing the exhaust poorly. Therefore, in the design of vacuum pump, the position of the exhaust pipe and related accessories design is also very important.

5, import vacuum pump exhaust control

prevent imported vacuum pump explosion, strengthening waste gas control is a very important safety technical measures. The exhaust fumes from vacuum pump is mainly contains a lot of methanol steam mixed gas. According to the physical and chemical properties and working practice of drunk tank, in the first place in the buffer tank before installing a set or several sets of condensing unit ( About - usually use 10 ℃ ice salt water) And then condensing gas mixture; Second, in the exhaust pipe installation condensing unit to the expulsion of gas condensation eventually, which will exhaust the methanol vapor concentration decreased to below the lower explosive limit, and also protect the environment. However, in the process of condensation, should properly control the flow rate of the condensed water. If the velocity is too small, the effect of condensation may be poor. If the velocity is too big, pipe may be blocked due to excessive condensation, which may affect the vacuum effect.

the place on put together is narrated, adopt the safety technical measures can effectively avoid the phenomenon of blowout of imported vacuum pump. Run, of course, in order to ensure the safety of imported vacuum pump, besides using the safety technical measures, also must from personnel, materials and management efforts to improve the quality of operation personnel operation skill and safety.

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