Imported vacuum pump applied to metal spraying coated _

by:J&T     2020-05-17

users get to know the reliability of the imported vacuum pump and cleanliness. Compared with the traditional import vacuum pump performance, they have excellent performance. Although the price is not dominant, but the use of cost savings is not as high as other vacuum water pump. It not only save the cost of buying a vacuum pump, but also save the maintenance work, save some labor costs, and minimize the pollution enterprises. The following is imported vacuum pump application in the metal spraying effect.

in our discussion imported vacuum pump application in the metal coating before, let's take a look at the metallization.

metallized with molten air or inert gases will melt the corrosion resistance of metal coating to the metal surface to form a protective coating process. In metal, the coating material melting in special injection or spray gun and atomization, and coating to the base material. The finishing method is sometimes referred to as metal spraying. Usually use the oxygen - Acetylene flame, but sometimes I use other gases. DangTu coated wire automatically through the flame, wire melting and atomized by compressed air flow into the substrate. Almost all metals can be made into wire spraying can be this way. Use powder material will be another kind of spray gun jet flame. The advantage of this approach is that it can not only spray metal, can also be sprayed metal ceramic composite materials, oxide and tungsten carbide.

metallization has many important use in the product design. By zinc and aluminum coating on the surface of steel for corrosion resistance, protective coating can be obtained. For metallization to metal spraying into almost any metal or nonmetal surface, so it provides on a poor conductor or nonconductive surface plating on the surface of the conductive simple method. Or silver spray in glass or plastic. As metal spraying can be processed in a variety of different ways, such as polishing, brush or leave spraying, spraying metal can be used as products and decorative technique in the construction industry.

import vacuum pump application range is very wide, mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1) Preparation of polysilicon in the low pressure chemical vapor deposition process;

2) Semiconductor etching process. Often used in the production process or corrosive gas and abrasive particles;

3) In addition to semiconductor technology, some particles producing process do not want the particles into oil pump, but want to use some type of mechanical vacuum pump to meet the requirements.

4) Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, such as distillation, drying, defoaming, packing and so on, to prevent organic solvent pollution, is suitable for vacuum water pump;

5) Used as a common pump before clean oil free vacuum system, in order to prevent oil pollution.

import vacuum pump application in metal coating. Imported vacuum pump plays an important role in the metallized coating. This is a long-term processing technology. It is a thermal evaporation technique, we often called vacuum evaporation. It is a layer of aluminum metal. A layer of thin film absorption on the paper and other materials, used to save product and prolong storage time. The production and processing technological advantage of the characteristics of import vacuum pumps, replaced the traditional vacuum pump operation mode, from the effects of particulate matter and dust, thus improve the quality of the production process, make the production environment will be improved. Clean and improve production efficiency.

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