Imported vacuum pump application in the steel vacuum degassing equipment -

by:J&T     2020-05-17

with modern production and the development of science and technology, not only the demand for steel production increased rapidly, and has higher requirement on the quality of finished steel. At present, the current situation of the traditional steel vacuum degassing equipment are: (1) vacuum system generally can reach 333. 3 Pa; (2) the system vacuum slowly rising, affects the quality of liquid steel refining, increase the processing time, can't meet the needs of continuous production. In order to ensure the normal operation of the liquid steel vacuum degassing equipment, steel vacuum degassing equipment used in the vacuum equipment is particularly important for rehabilitation. This article will introduce import vacuum pumps in the application of the liquid steel vacuum degassing equipment.

liquid steel vacuum degassing equipment with large volume, high vacuum degree, and in a short period of time from atmospheric pressure to the characteristics of 180 ~ 100 mm Hg. In order to meet the requirements of vacuum degassing of liquid steel, the main use of steam jet pump or a mechanical pump.

mechanical pump regularly increase and decrease the working chamber volume, suction and discharge gas in mechanical way. Mechanical pump is suitable for the middle and lower vacuum. Due to the mechanical pump under medium vacuum exhaust ability is low, so is highly sensitive to dust, oil pollution easily by condensation of steam, and the moving parts is easy to damage. As a result, the mechanical pump is used only for small capacity of liquid steel vacuum degassing equipment.

steam jet water pump has been widely used in liquid steel vacuum degassing equipment. Compared with mechanical pump, has the following advantages:

( 1) Under the vacuum degree necessary for the steel vacuum processing has great attraction.

( 2) Don't need to set up large dust removal system, and then dust gas can be taken.

( 3) Structure is simple, cover an area of an area small, not even the production area, column distance between installed in workshop.

( 4) With no moving parts, so safe and reliable operation, simple maintenance.

( 3) Structure is simple, cover an area of an area small, not even the production area, column distance between installed in workshop.

( 4) With no moving parts, so safe and reliable operation, simple maintenance.

( 5) Investment the province's tomb, the steam and water supply equipment can be provided by the metallurgical plant or waste heat boiler of the power grid.

( 6) In general, because of the steam jet pump consumes a large amount of steam and cooling water, so its running cost is very high, but considering the depreciation of fixed investment, the running cost is not necessarily higher than mechanical water pump.

steel vacuum degassing equipment main

1) Steam jet vacuum pump: mainly by multistage Lord, vice of pump body and multiple condenser. Each level of the water pump body of laval nozzle, the suction chamber and the diffuser. Condenser by cylinder, spray board and the distribution of cooling water pipe.

2) Vacuum lifting cars, vacuum chamber and vacuum pipe: vacuum chamber by vacuum tank and can be placed in a vacuum ladle cover, vacuum tube connected to the side of the tank steam jet pump.

3) Water and steam system: bucket, steam drum, soda water separator and so on.

4) Control part: PLC electrical control system and instrument control system.

in order to eliminate harmful gases and inclusions in steel and add beneficial ingredient, people make efforts in various aspects. Using imported vacuum pump technology to achieve this goal is the important aspect of the work.

according to import vacuum pumps in the application of liquid steel vacuum degassing equipment, the main factor affecting the vacuum degree has known:

1, the system of internal and external leakage.

2, nozzle blockage of the nozzle, function, or in the diffuser throat have accumulated too much dust, thus blocking the air flow channel.

3, condenser cooling effect: scale and high temperature.

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