Imported nylon resin dry screw vacuum pump used in -

by:J&T     2020-05-16

import screw vacuum pump is widely used nylon resin industry. Common vacuum pump is used for resin drying process. For some outsiders or only use it, they don't understand why will import the screw vacuum pump equipment is used for drying. Let me introduce to you.

a, in the actual process of dry extract medium contains a large amount of water vapor. Therefore, due to its own characteristics, screw vacuum pump will be rapidly emulsifying the lubricating oil, leading to subsequent product and vacuum pump speed is not stable. At the same time, such as oil and gas reflux and fuel injection problem will affect the purity of the production environment.

2, in nylon resin dry, because the demand for quality, the company use screw vacuum pump with vacuum drying process. In the process, must ensure the stability of the vacuum and clean vacuum environment.

3, import the screw vacuum water pump in the clean vacuum drying applications:

1, can avoid the following problems: swear oil, direct extraction steam and gas containing particulate matter, single-stage direct vent atmosphere, direct extraction steam and gas containing particulate matter, single-stage straight exhaust air.

2, can achieve higher vacuum degree in the practical use and maintain a steady speed. In the application of the vacuum pump, there is no oil, water and other medium, can be equipped with automatic cleaning function, can greatly reduce the maintenance work in the process of enterprise to use.

dry screw vacuum pump can be imported nylon resin because it has the role of clean and environmental protection, and can avoid all sorts of problems, such as oil free dry, direct extraction steam and gas containing particulate matter, and single stage straight exhaust. Reduce maintenance time and effort.

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