Import water ring vacuum pump corrosion reason and solution

by:J&T     2020-05-18

with the development of the society, the import water ring vacuum pump application is increasing. Vacuum pump equipment in use process will be affected by high temperature, high pressure and many corrosive substance, even lead to surface of internal corrosion. The following is the analysis of the corrosion reason.

a, imported water ring vacuum pump corrosion reason

1. body is made from cast iron. body corrosion due to poor wear resistance and corrosion resistance and wear.

2。 After water cycle times, not only acidic water ring turbulence, but also with a good contact with carbon monoxide, so that the acidic water, flow components caused by electrochemical corrosion conditions and corrosion of the impeller flow components such as.

3。 Due to the changes of boundary conditions, the local flow rate will increase, will produce a negative pressure on the back of the impeller, which will be easy to cause cavitation, and in the process of using a large number of bubbles.

( 1) In the discharge stage, bubble burst quickly under pressure, the shock wave is like 'water hammer', enough to damage the metal surface.

( 2) Cavitation will severely aggravate corrosion on the surface of the flow, lead to appear on the plate before and after the pump body and holes.

2, imported water ring vacuum pump corrosion local processing method

1. The surface treatment, thoroughly clean the surface oxide layer, clean surface with acrylic acid.

2。 Material and apply to the pump: first, apply a thin layer materials, ensure the glue completely cover, and then the material evenly to the surface of repair, restoration of desired thickness.

3。 An important step when daub is mixed material. Material should be in accordance with the proportion of mixing, mixing, until no color difference.

with the increasing application of imported water ring vacuum pumps, equipment in operation will appear in the process of wear, corrosion, leakage phenomenon, etc. Severe corrosion, cavitation and other adverse environmental impact is inevitable. The serious influence the effect of the equipment corrosion, so we must work done. Eventually to the point that buy pump manufacturers must tell you the process is corrosive. This will give you recommend anti-corrosion import water ring vacuum pump.

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