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by:J&T     2020-05-17

import vacuum water pump application in the vacuum suction cups? Small make up for your analysis of the vacuum pump dedicated to import the application characteristics of vacuum water pump. Import vacuum pumps in the suction pressure range high inspiratory capacity, this shortens the time of vacuum plate of startup time and it's easy to adapt to the change of operating conditions, such as when the pump start/stop. Due to the humid air inhaled, water vapor condensation in the pump, the suction ability of vacuum pump is, but not increase power consumption.

next, small make up what is vacuum cups were analyzed.

vacuum suction cup is one of the vacuum actuator. Sucker material made of nitrile rubber and have greater destructive power. Therefore, vacuum, special imported vacuum pump is widely used in all kinds of vacuum insulation equipment, such as buildings and papermaking industry. In printing, glass and other industries, has realized the keep thin items such as glass and paper and transportation task.

vacuum, there are a variety of sizes to choose from. Made of rubber suction cups can operate at high temperatures. Made of silicone rubber suction cup is perfect for holding rough surface; Polyurethane chuck and durable. In addition, in the actual production, the requirement if the suction cup has oil resistance, then you can think of to use such as polyurethane, nitrile rubber or vinyl polymer materials to create suction cups. Usually, in order to avoid the surface scratch products, had better choose made of nitrile rubber or silicone rubber bellows suction cups, the corrugated pipe is made from nitrile rubber and has big fracture force, so widely used. All kinds of vacuum device.

the working principle of vacuum suction cup was that the vacuum suction cup through the nozzle and vacuum equipment ( The vacuum generator, the import vacuum pumps, etc. ) Connection, and then contact to improve object, such as glass, paper, etc. , and start the import vacuum pumps, resulting in a sucker. Negative pressure made by lift objects by sucking up, and you can begin to transport to the object of ascension. When to improve object is delivered to the destination, it is smooth air into the vacuum suction cups, and vacuum cups from the negative air pressure to zero or pressure slightly, and vacuum cups from separation to improve object, thereby lifting and transport heavy task.

Germany oil free piston vacuum water pump performance advantages:

1. High vacuum in the industry 98 kpa。

2。 Equipped with rubber cushions, smooth operation.

3。 100% no oil, no maintenance.

4。 Silence, the noise control of about 55 decibels.

5。 Small volume, beautiful appearance.

6。 Both are equipped with overload protector, will not burn out by overload.

import the advantages of vacuum pump:

1. High-precision production equipment

2. The remarkable technology

3. The products of high quality

4. After-sale protection

import the application characteristic of the vacuum pump in the vacuum suction cups

a, reduce the loss.

2, easy to use. Regardless of the object is made of what material, as long as it can seal and will not leak, it can be used. Cannot use magnetic chuck. They can only be used in iron and steel. Can't breathe other materials plate or object.

three, no pollution. Vacuum suction cup special environmental protection, no pollution, do not produce light, heat, or electromagnetic.

4, don't hurt artifacts. Due to the vacuum suction cup made of rubber materials, so the adsorption or reduce workpiece won't cause any damage to the workpiece. Hook hook and line type spreader doesn't work. In some industries, the surface of the workpiece is particularly strict, they can only use the vacuum suction cups.

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