_ import vacuum pumps used in printing industry

by:J&T     2020-05-17

import vacuum pumps everyone should be familiar with this kind of pump products, but there are some people who really understand the vacuum equipment. There are a lot of function vacuum equipment. In the printing industry, the use of imported vacuum pump widely. Want to talk about today is imported vacuum pump application in print. According to different industries, different areas and different application requirements for the customer to design and develop customized vacuum and vacuum system solutions. From product design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning to after-sales service, vacuum solutions range from engineering to the after-sale service of every detail.

import what is the purpose of the vacuum pump is used to print?

used in printing to imported vacuum water pump is a vacuum pump technology can be used in the printing industry, from print to remove volatile organic compounds ( VOC) 。 In particular, cigarette printed strictly controls the smell. The principle of vacuum deodorization equipment imported vacuum pump is to make the product in the vacuum dynamic stress state. Products have a smell of material under the fluctuation of pressure difference quickly deviate from the adsorption on the surface, and through the vacuum pump discharge to the outside, so as to achieve the effect of deodorization. Vacuum deodorant taste fast evenly, compared with the traditional method, the smell can significantly shorten the time, greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality. It can also be applied to food wrapping paper, tableware, man-made board and furniture in all kinds of volatile organic compounds, such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, ethyl benzene and methyl ethyl ketone.

vacuum unit roots vacuum pump can not required for direct emissions into the atmosphere. Direct emissions, for example, the atmosphere will be formed between the roots vacuum pump inlet and outlet pressure, this will make the roots vacuum pump overload. If simply increase the roots vacuum pump motor power, roots vacuum pump to overheat to cause the roots vacuum pump rotor. Due to thermal contraction, the small gap between them will be caught soon. Roots vacuum unit must sure Paul, the space between the vacuum pump rotor, to Paul, a vacuum pump to achieve higher vacuum degree. Therefore, roots vacuum pump must be equipped with backing pump. The current pump system the pressure inside the pipe to a certain range, the roots vacuum pump starts, this can prevent the roots vacuum pump overload.

before the pump can be used to water ( Liquid) Ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, etc. , can directly discharge vacuum pump. Roots vacuum device under normal circumstances, the use of water ring pump as the backing pump have more advantages than other vacuum pump, mainly because it can remove a lot of condensable vapor, especially when gas suppression of mechanical vacuum pump clean and condensation. Sexual steam is not enough, or the use of solvent can make pump oil degradation and impact performance, or vacuum system does not allow the oil pollution of time more obvious.

the above content is to import vacuum pumps in print, the application of knowledge. Small make up simple introduced imported vacuum pump application in print, and the working process of the vacuum pump. I hope these knowledge can help it. If you want to know more information. Product content, welcome to the official website.

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