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by:J&T     2020-05-17

laboratory vacuum pump application is more and more widely, vacuum pump can be used with other instruments, rather than a single device. In the lab, different types of imported vacuum pump for manufacturing various chemicals and handle dangerous materials and volatile liquid is very important. What is a laboratory using imported vacuum pump? Many users will use vacuum pump for a period of time, they will encounter vacuum gauge, vacuum degree is not enough ( Attraction is not enough) , pumping speed too slow, relatively closed room noise is too big, or cannot be used when using pump oil mist. And so on, these problems tend to have more relationship with choice. In order to solve this problem, the following solutions are given.

import vacuum pump is suitable for the volatile liquid transport from one place to another place, because it is completely closed, can without damage to the system of handling items. Vacuum pump can also be quickly and efficiently placed many different types of viscous liquid. However, not all laboratory vacuum pumps are the same. Vacuum pump is indispensable to every laboratory auxiliary equipment. Application of different instruments and equipment of vacuum pump is different.

when buying a laboratory vacuum pumps mainly consider the following factors:

1. Using the environment need to ensure that no pollution?

due to the design principle, some imported vacuum pump to assist the operation of the pump, you need to use other media such as oil rotary vane vacuum pumps and water recycling vacuum pump, they need to dump oil pump and connecting water respectively. When using the oil water pump, oil mist emissions into the air, pollute the environment; And pump must be connected to the water, because it needs to connect to the water. Some need to suck out in the room, clean room of cells in cell culture supernatant of customer cannot use these products. In this case, should choose oil-free vacuum pump, and insert this kind of product.

2。 What kind of instrument and equipment are used together.

different equipment is used for different purposes. Some require a higher degree of vacuum, such as vacuum distillation. Some require higher pumping speed, the vacuum drying oven, for example, the interior of the need to consider the tank volume; The application of the class is more complex. It is necessary to check the filtered filtrate volume, particles in the liquid content, and then according to different conditions to choose the appropriate vacuum or pumping speed.

3。 The size of the matching equipment.

device volume and the correlation between parameters of pumping speed of vacuum pump. For different size of the filters, must be selected with high pumping speed of the pump.

what is laboratory using imported vacuum pump? There are actually three different types of laboratory vacuum is considered to be the ideal:

1. Chemistry: chemical pump with special material can prevent chemical exposure. Materials used in the pump is non-corrosive, does not destroy repetitive chemical contact. In dealing with a large number of chemical liquid and this material is very useful in industry.

2。 Oil-free vacuum pump, aims to provide the cleanest way of transportation. No oil vacuum operation makes it a transport easily contaminated choice of fine material and liquid oil. No oil pump can also use different forms of operation, without external lubrication, need extra cleaning operations.

3, high vacuum, high vacuum pump, with high strength pump, can quickly absorb different viscosity of liquid. It is clean and all kinds of high vacuum pump laboratory laboratory liquid from one place to another place the rapid transfer of ideal choice. For the transportation need to keep stable temperature or mixture of liquid is ideal.

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