Import vacuum pumps used in air conditioning really wet _

by:J&T     2020-05-17

with the application of the vacuum pump more and more, in different areas of the vacuum pump is used? This time, we will give you details about import vacuum pump application in the real air conditioning. Really wet air conditioning: natural fiber ( Such as silk) , artificial fiber, tobacco, paper and other products need to adjust its water content, Mainly to increase its water) Water content, make its uniform and constant. Why did you choose in the tobacco industry use imported vacuum pump? What are the specific characteristics of the imported vacuum pump?

first of all, let's introduce the steps of air conditioning wet.

true air conditioning wet steps:

1. Through the water vapor;

2。 Through the separator into hot water;

3。 The steam injection mixed with water and through the separator. Wire humidity control usually after injection water or steam for vacuum drying and cooling, to even moderately regulate moisture.

at present, in our tobacco, tobacco use water ring vacuum pump vacuum resurgence. The disadvantage of water ring vacuum water pump vacuum degree is low, and return cycle is not easy to reciprocating motion under appropriate recovery temperature. For example, if the recovery temperature, the quality of tobacco leaf will be destroyed. Later, tobacco factory with imported rotary vane vacuum pumps, improved the processing vacuum degree, improve the quality of the recovery. The moisture in cigarette recycling vacuum resurgence cylinder, mainly rely on cigarette case of vacuum conditions. After the steam cylinder is released, the cigarette packing pressure difference between inside and outside, and the temperature difference between steam and tobacco leaf. Cylinder in the vacuum degree is higher, the release of steam. Cigarette packaging, both inside and outside pressure, the greater the into cigarette packaging of steam content is higher. Steam flue leaf, big temperature difference between easy condensation, releasing heat of vaporization at the same time, make the tobacco leaf temperature, temperature of cigarette packaging. Is advantageous to the moisture absorption, so as to realize rapid, uniform recovery.

rotary vane vacuum pump performance:

1, extreme high vacuum degree, can be less than zero. 5 millibars

2, the pumping speed is high, easy to use

3, low operating noise, can be lower than 62 db (a)

4, strong water vapor extraction capacity

5, environmental protection, the pump is equipped with oil mist eliminator, can remove waste gas in 99. 99% of oil

6, compact structure, scientific and reasonable design, light weight, easy to install in the industrial system

on the working process of the import vacuum pumps, transmission way is often a very important part of, so each friend also all attaches great importance to these problems. From the point of whole transmission mode, we can also be noticed in the process of the practical work often very prominent feature, so I hope we can better grasp these characteristics, allow people to find better answers.

in pay attention to the vacuum pump drive mode, you can notice the whole range is proportional to the relationship between pumping speed and pressure, the two should achieve more coordination effect in each section. From the point of view of the whole wheel, can notice the equipment in the wheel geometry symmetry tend to be good, so in the process of operation is very stable, the overall fault voice is low, lower noise.

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