Import vacuum pumps - in the coalbed methane drainage

by:J&T     2020-06-05

in recent years, although the gas drainage technology in China has achieved rapid development, but the overall level is still low, coal mine gas drainage technology still has many problems. Coalbed methane extraction in coal mine production safety have important practical significance. Coal mine coal bed methane extraction is to reduce and eliminate CBM threat to safety production in coal mine. Using industrial equipment and dedicated pipeline pressure to extract the coal storage or release of coalbed methane, and transport it to the road surface or its security address, has important practical significance to the coal mine safety production. However, import vacuum pumps are widely applied to discharge CBM from coal mines. Vacuum water pump selection on the accuracy of the coalbed methane extraction in coal mine safety is particularly important to regulate coal mine coal bed methane extraction technology, improve the actual effect of CBM extraction, prevent coal-bed gas accidents, ensure the safety production in coal mine. Based on the detailed introduction of the vacuum pump, made the import vacuum pump selection criteria in CBM extraction.

as the production of vacuum equipment, manufacture and scientific research industry the types of gas pressure regulation is more and more strict, most of the vacuum pump must be composed of several types of imported vacuum pump. Vacuum system software of pumping air into vacuum state, each other to consider the whole process of production, manufacture and scientific research. Because the pressure vacuum pump application units involved category is very broad, it is not possible to all types of vacuum pump can be fully applied in all pressure classes. Categories according to different pressure and different work standards, can only use different types of vacuum pump. In order to facilitate the use of a variety of vacuum pump and processing of the entire process, different combination of the vacuum pump according to the characteristics of them sometimes, and used in the form of a generator set.

import vacuum pumps in the application of CBM extraction must meet the design requirements, can achieve good safety extraction effect.

1。 Coalbed methane drainage sewage treatment plant layout. In general, water treatment plants would on the road to build import vacuum pump discharge. Coalbed methane drainage fire pump room wall, Tent) The choice of category should guarantee the coalbed methane drainage around the fire pump room within 20 m inhabitants, the halogen-light within 50 m, no flammable items. Should be installed four fire extinguishers and no less than 0. 5 m3 river sand. Sewage treatment plant set up around the fire hydrant.

2。 Should at least have a reserve of coal bed methane extraction pump and accessory equipment.

3。 CBM pumping discharge pump order to ensure the safe operation of coal bed methane smoke exhaust system software and mine production safety, CBM smoke exhaust system software must have a perfect safety inspection system, detection concentration of natural gas, power, smoke exhaust gas concentration and the concentration of gas outlet of displacement, main parameters, and into the mine monitoring system.

4。 Fire pump room must have a full-time staff on duty, regularly check the main parameters, recorded. CBM extraction pump stop running, must immediately report to the control center. If use of coalbed methane, must be fixed at the end of the coal seam gas pump operation, operation notice before apply for coalbed methane, consent to the supply of coalbed methane.

CBM smoke exhaust speck imported vacuum pump selection criteria:

1. The volume of the pump must be considered to mine coal bed methane extraction during estimate out a large amount of coalbed methane;

2。 the coal-bed gas pipeline pressure overcomes the drainage of large frictional resistance of the system software, cause the orifice drainage pressure medium;

3。 Less than 25% of the mine gas extraction concentration shall not be used dry coal bed methane extraction equipment.

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