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by:J&T     2020-05-17

vacuum water pump factory imported vacuum pump is analyzed in the application of vacuum cooling principle and applications of another kind of vacuum pump Vacuum drying is similar, but it is not the same, so have a look at our small series, what was in the vacuum cooling. Vacuum cooling is mainly used in food, fruits and vegetables and cut flowers cold treatment. Vacuum cooling is the fruit and vegetable vacuum suction in the vacuum chamber to heat insulation in the vacuum chamber. When the corresponding water vapor, fruit and plant fiber gap surface water saturation pressure of fruit and vegetable vacuum evaporated at room temperature, the latent heat of evaporation will evaporate distal to lower the temperature of the fruits and vegetables, and further down to cool vegetables to the required temperature. Water boils at 100 ℃ under atmospheric pressure. However, pressure drop and the boiling point is lower, it can reduce the phenomenon can be obtained by the boiling point of water, but in order to evaporate water, must absorb heat.

small series imported vacuum pump factory will explain the principle of vacuum cooling

the principle of vacuum cooling section is similar to the vacuum drying, moisture content rapid evaporation under vacuum. The difference is that vacuum drying is to remove moisture, vacuum cooling is to remove heat by evaporation of water to achieve cooling and cooling. Professional import vacuum water pump supplier to tell you some knowledge, evaporate water under atmospheric pressure in 100 ° C, heat of vaporization of 2256 kj/kg. When pressure drop to 610 pa, the water will boil at 0 ° C ( At this point is the triple point of water, heat of vaporization of 2500 kj/kg. That is to say, in a low pressure vacuum state, the evaporation of water can take more heat, so as to achieve the effect of refrigeration.

in daily life, in an atmospheric pressure ( 101 - 325 Pa) , the water boils at 100 ° C. However, water boiling temperature is not constant, and as the pressure drops, Or increase) The lower ( Or increase) 。 For example, the boiling point of water temperature is 76 ℃, the temperature is 40, 196. 6 Pa, 29℃, 4 kpa, 14℃, 1。 6 kpa。 Reduce the boiling water evaporate easily. Because the steam water molecules has higher energy than liquid water molecules, so the water must be absorbed during evaporation latent heat of evaporation, and its latent heat of evaporation increases with lower boiling point. According to this principle, to be processed objects can be placed in a closed chamber, the chamber can absorb a certain amount of negative pressure and the suitable vacuum pumping system. With increasing the vacuum chamber, water boiling temperature lowering. It is easy to evaporate, when water evaporates, it can absorb the quantity of heat of the object itself, and can be fast cooling objects to be processed.

the core equipment of vacuum cooling is a vacuum chamber and import vacuum pumps. Products into the vacuum chamber, the main process began pumping air. In the vacuum chamber pressure water pump sent to the corresponding saturated vapor pressure and maintain. Products of water evaporated and taken away. Heating, the temperature of the product will decline rapidly, until the temperature cooled to the required temperature of the product ( For some vacuum pump, may need to condensing equipment to capture water vapor) 。

with air cooling and water cooling ways such as compared to vacuum cooling and energy saving, fast cooling and cooling are relatively uniform, the advantages of little influence on product structure. It also has large investment, high loss rate of weight problem. But on the whole, it is also a kind of fast safe cooling technology, it is beyond the shortcomings, can get high quality products.

due to the vacuum everywhere, vacuum pump factory imported vacuum pump is analyzed in the application of vacuum cooling, with the traditional heat transfer method ( Convection, conduction, radiation) Than, it is not only fast evenly, and clean sanitation, very suitable for used to cool the cooked food. And application fields, such as fruits and vegetables precooling.

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