Import vacuum pumps corroded? _

by:J&T     2020-05-16

from the current market, the utilization of the imported vacuum pump has been greatly improved, it is unclear whether the import vacuum pumps of a few small problems, such as corrosion of import vacuum pumps, because applications usually extreme import vacuum pumps. Inevitably in the work environment, corrosion of vacuum water pump, and then how to deal with it, and then imported vacuum pump dealers introduce everyone to repair the corrosion of the vacuum water pump methods:

1. Daub material: first coated with a thin layer of material, to ensure that the adhesion and thorough coverage, then wipe equably materials to repair the appearance, meet the repair thickness.

2。 Surface treatment: thoroughly remove oxide layer, clean surface with acetone.

3。 Harmonic materials: in strict accordance with the harmonic proportion, mix well, until no color difference.

4。 Curing: 24 hours / 24 ° C ( Material temperature) 。 Higher for each material 11 ° C temperature, curing time cut in half, but the rise in temperature shall not exceed the material commitment.

these are about to import vacuum pumps, hope it can help you. If you want to know more information about the vacuum water pump, can click on the constant to electromechanical website to browse!

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