Import vacuum pumps applied in crystalline silicon solar cells _

by:J&T     2020-05-17

at the initial stage, the solar cell silicon raw materials are usually discarded in the semiconductor industry. However, with the widely application of the crystalline silicon solar cells, increasing demand for silicon raw material, now used mainly specializing in the production of solar grade silicon.

used in the production of polysilicon batteries silicon ingot imported vacuum pump application solutions are of great help to manufacturers are expected to be.

used in the production of polysilicon batteries with silicon ingot directional crystallization furnace, is the main equipment and Cz ferrari, single crystal furnace is mainly used for single crystal silicon solar cells. Formerly used for polycrystalline furnace and single crystal furnace vacuum water pump is mainly oil pump, they are solar monocrystal furnace. Customize the stable operation of the model is well received by the industry, are now imported vacuum pump.

the organizational structure of the solar cells, polycrystalline silicon ingot

solar cells, polycrystalline silicon ingot is a kind of columnar crystals, crystal growth direction vertical, this is done by directional solidification ( Also known as controlled coagulation, and constraints, The process of implementation, namely in the process of crystallization, by controlling the change of the temperature field, form a single direction. Need liquid - heat flow Solid interface temperature gradient is greater than zero, and don't need a temperature gradient in the direction of lateral to form directional columnar crystals. However, due to the silicon xiaoping facial structure, different free energy of the crystal, with low surface free energy of crystal growth. In particular, due to the presence of impurities, impurity in the crystal changed the surface free energy of adsorption, so polysilicon columnar crystal growth direction sometimes slightly inclined with a fork.

when imported vacuum pump used in the production of polycrystalline silicon ingot a battery, need to pay attention to:

( 1) Always pay attention to oil level.

( 2) starts slowly open the valve.

( 3) Always pay attention to whether pump run normally, if there is a special voice, and whether the motor overload.

( 4) Pay attention to the cooling water is interrupted.

( 5) Pay attention to the pump temperature rise shall not exceed 40 ° C

( 6) If the temperature of the rotary vane vacuum pump after the stop down to below 5 ° C, you must remove the cold water pump.

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