IHF anti-corrosive fluorine plastic structure performance and application of centrifugal pump is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-27
IHF anti-corrosive fluorine plastic centrifugal pump pump body adopts metal shell lining F46 ( Or imported PFA high fluorine plastic) , pump cover, impeller and shaft sleeve are fluorine plastic with metal insert outsourcing whole sintering suppression and become, shaft seal mounted outside using advanced bellows mechanical seal ( Special working condition of high temperature abrasion machine, can also be supporting the use of water-cooled machine seal) , import and export all use cast steel reinforcement, in order to enhance the pump pressure resistance. This water pump has the corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistant, not aging, high mechanical strength, smooth operation, reasonable structure, advanced, sealed performance is reliable, easy disassembly maintenance, long service life, etc. IHF anti-corrosive fluorine plastic centrifugal water pump is widely applied in the automotive manufacturing in pickling process, acid alkali, spray paint, electrolyte transport in non-ferrous metal smelting, ionic membrane project of chlorine water, wastewater treatment, electroplating, pesticide industry. J&T pump design features: according to the international standard design, horizontal structure, fluorine plastic flow components all tight line, the load bearing part of a pump for metal materials. Configuration mounted bellows mechanical seal, the grinding material: silicon carbide - - - - - - - Four fluorine, silicon carbide - - - - - - - Silicon carbide, tungsten carbide - - - - - - - Hard alloy, the user can choose according to the requirement of grinding material.
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