How to use rotary vane vacuum pump in the vacuum sewer system _

by:J&T     2020-06-03

urban sewage emissions, the traditional way is to use gravity feed mode, but in recent years, with the higher demands of the drainage system, create a vacuum drainage technology of the market demand. In more than one, commonly used in the form of liquid type using the traditional indoor and outdoor vacuum drainage system, and a rotary vane vacuum pump. This article focuses on the application of rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum sewer system will be discussed, and introduces how the key technique in the vacuum sewer system approach.

vacuum sewage technology as a special conditions, complex terrain and general industrial, commercial and residential wastewater treatment engineering, has a lot of flexibility sewers.

composition and key technologies of vacuum drainage system, the following will tell you.

sent by vacuum suction sewage, dirt collected dry vacuum unit, vacuum drainage pipe network and pump station vacuum sewer system has three main components.

( 1) Vacuum collecting device of the vacuum system, various forms of the initial end. According to the stated type and vacuum to collect the installation position of the vacuum sewer system device is divided into indoor and outdoor vacuum sewer system vacuum sewer system.

( 2) Including the vacuum manifold and used for it is vacuum sewage boxes dry mesh tube, and connected to the valve shaft. End and described from the vacuum manifold outlet connected to the main pipe vacuum drainage pipe road known as valve interface. Vacuum sewerage Wells sewage pipe from the head of the branch, and then enter by the main pipe, the pipe as a vacuum of tree distribution network. Mainly by ZhuGanGuan, bend, and the riser part shut-off valve. To facilitate the transfer of a sewage, through the use of 'sawtooth' pipeline sloping way, namely, local elevator, set up multiple section, in order to obtain the hoisting height of ascension. Although the vacuum drainage system pipe blockage, but to prevent the accident, in the riser section of the lower area provide dredging holes, the holes dredging blockage by environmental atmospheric pressure to remove the catheter jam when open.

( 3) The core of the vacuum pump, vacuum drainage system, including the vacuum pump, vacuum cans, water pumps and electric control. In order to avoid the steam and debris into the vacuum pump and reduce the service life of the vacuum pump, vacuum containers between vacuum pump and collecting tank. And maintain a vacuum pump creates a set of systems, typically - 0. 6 mpa to 007 mpa, negative pressure, when the tank water level reach setting would promote sewage vacuum tank, pump automatically open sewage, urban sewage into the sewage pipe network, or to the water treatment plant.

the vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump is recommended to use. Because it is a low, one of the main pump and a vacuum pump type. It can be divided into dry type pump and water pump seal. The vacuum degree, can be a single stage and double stage pump pump. Vacuum drainage system has special rotary pump: a significant savings, the depth of the buried pipeline, gradient is small, easily through obstacles, blocking and leakage, no odor, sanitation, etc.

in the end, the application evaluation in rotary vane vacuum pump, can be in a vacuum sewage systems, noise equivalent sound level is low; Construction is convenient, suitable for all kinds of terrain, excavation depth is shallow, mining to reduce the cost and impact on the environment, suitable for decoration; Lower maintenance cost; Vacuum tube network, in order to avoid in run, run, drip, leak phenomenon, don't pollute the surrounding environment; Vacuum drainage system, low energy consumption; Vacuum drainage system is easy to monitor; The vacuum power supply; Less management personnel; It not only save the processing costs, make full use of water resources, and reduce the pollution to the environment.

At the same time, as the recent research of JT shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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