How to use insulating oil processing in the rotary vane vacuum pumps _

by:J&T     2020-05-23

oil filled equipment insulating oil are susceptible to microbial, impurities and water pollution. Before the insulating oil pollution or contamination, rotary vane vacuum pump series products, filtration equipment on a regular basis in the transformer oil dehydration and degassing, effectively remove the water in the insulating oil, gas and impurity particles in oil. Improve the insulation strength and product quality, to ensure the safe operation of the electrical equipment. Then, rotary vane vacuum pumps can play a role in application of insulating oil treatment.

first of all, let's briefly explore the effects of insulating oil.

1。 Insulation. Oil-filled electrical equipment insulating oil, purify air and isolate the live parts of different potential, increase the intensity of insulation between the live parts. The quality of the oil, the better, the insulation of the electric equipment safety and reliability is higher.

2。 Cooling and cooling effect. When electrical equipment through the current to generate heat, and thermal conductivity of solid insulating materials are usually poor. After full of oil, the part quantity of heat is absorbed by oil, and heat can be taken away by circulating cooling oil absorption heat, so as to realize the function of cooling and cooling electric equipment.

3。 Arcing effect. In switch equipment, insulating oil is mainly used as arcing. When oil switch work, contact can produce arc, a high temperature. Contact if it does not take away heat, cooling, and after the initial arc occurs, will continue to produce arc, and the device is easy to burn. Because of insulating oil, when the initial arc occurs, oil decomposition at high temperature, and generate hydrogen gas was about 70%. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of hydrogen is very big, can absorb a lot of heat and pass it to the oil, and direct contact with the contact. In order to realize the arcing cooling.

with the increase of voltage transformer and the increase of capacity, relatively reduced the insulation level of margin. In this way, in addition to the material, the use of design and manufacturing process of strict and careful consideration, the insulating oil has new requirements and standards. At the same time, with the improvement of oil equipment quality requirements, such as particle size, the performance requirements of oil purification equipment is becoming more and more high. The traditional oil purification equipment cannot meet the practical need, it is necessary to develop a dehydration, gases and particles to remove the network. Oil equipment. According to the above situation, rotary vane vacuum water pump application in insulating oil processing.

double rotary vane vacuum pump product features:

1. Master the core technology, three leaf structure make operation more easily

2. Simple structure, convenient maintenance

3. Stable performance, strong and durable

4. Compact design

5. Steam discharge ability strong

6. Low noise, low vibration

7. Water-cooled optional

8. Motor is suitable for all kinds of standard voltage and frequency

double rotary vane vacuum pump structure characteristic:

1, using the first block placed way, heat faster

2, with no spring

3, adopts forced feed method, the stability of the exhaust performance

4, adopts hydraulic type oil non-return structure, solve the power failure or accident caused to stop oil flow into the pump body pump start-up difficulties

5, adopts variable oil method, expanded the fuel quantity indication range

after the practice proved that the rotary-vane vacuum pump are used to deal with insulating oil this method is feasible.

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