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How to solve the problem of small output of submersible pump

How to solve the problem of small output of submersible pump


Some people appear to have a small water output during the use of submersible pumps. Today, let's talk about how to solve this problem.

Submersible pumps are a common type of water pump for us. Many people know how to use water pumps. But if there is a problem with the submersible pump, such as small water output, then most of them don't know how to solve it.

Next, I will give you an example of the representative product in the submersible pump: WQP stainless steel sewage pump (the use environment is relatively harsh, used for heavily polluted wastewater). If you encounter this situation, you can find a corresponding method to eliminate the fault of the stainless steel sewage pump to save your time and waste water.

Reasons and solutions for no water or insufficient water:

Cause one: The motor does not rotate

Solution: Check the power supply voltage of the stainless steel sewage pump, the stability of the cable connector, and whether the electric switch is normally opened.

Cause two: Motor reverse

Solution: Arbitrarily exchange the two live wires until the direction of the motor (impeller) is adjusted to the correct direction (check the direction indicator on the pump cover).

Cause three: the inlet filter of the pump is blocked

Solution: Drag the pump ashore to clear the sundries at the bottom of the pump, or replace the pump inlet filter.

Cause four: the water temperature is too low and the pump is above the water surface

Solution: Adjust the dive depth of the pump, the water level line must at least not cover the motor part, so that the pump can be cooled when running, so as to use it for a long time.

Cause five: The impeller is stuck, worn, and falling off

Solution: If it gets stuck, clean up the debris in the impeller and pump casing; if it is worn out or falls off, replace the impeller or shaft.

Cause 6: The actual pump head is too high

Solution: Exceed the scope of use of the pump, the height of the pump should be adjusted or the pump with the appropriate head should be replaced.

Cause 7: The diameter of the pump and the water pipe do not match

Solution: Replace the water pipe with the same diameter as the water pump.

Cause 8: the speed of the pump is low, and the operating voltage is too low

Solution: Adjust the voltage to the rated value, replace the thicker cable or avoid peak use

These are the tips for submersible pumps shared today. If you have other questions, please contact J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.

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