How to solve the problem of corrosion resistant centrifugal pump power overload?

by:J&T     2020-06-18

what centrifugal pump is centrifugal pump is the use of a centrifugal impeller rotation and make the water has come to work. before the start, it is necessary to make the water pump casing and suction tube filled with water, and then start the motor, make and water pump shaft to drive the impeller for high speed rotation, water centrifugal motion, be left to the impeller outer edge and the volute pump shell of the water flow into the pump pressure. Cause analysis 1, the pump starts, internal serious problems, such as mouth ring, bushing fall off or fit clearance is too small; 2, pump shaft poor rigidity, bending deformation. 3, different motor or pump serious heart, severe vibration; 4, severe friction within the pump rotor and stator components; 5, motor rotor dynamic, malposition, journal steps and bearing end face or coupling and oil seal cover ground; 6, too tightly on the packing; More than 7, power supply voltage is too low, current rating; 8, pump balance disc didn't open, severe grinding, balance the return pipe hot; 9, unloading or balance disc radial clearance is too small, the deflection is too big, wear and tear during operation; 10, coupling buffer shock absorption aprons too loose or too tight, pump up before driving motor couplings and bearing block grinding; 11, pump matching is unreasonable, modified or replace the pump, its stress and displacement is improved than the original pump, and the supporting power of the motor is too small; 12, water pump discharge valve is too large, low pump pressure, pump capacity more than e. too much nameplate, deviating from the working point too much; Approach 1, on the basis of site conditions, dealt with promptly take appropriate measures to adjust the outlet valve opening, make it run in the normal condition; Get in touch with the power supply unit, adjust the power supply voltage to the prescribed scope; Adjust the packing gland firmness; Proper control of pump pressure and displacement, reduce motor operating current. 2, such as the above measures still cannot eliminate, should stop the pump for inspection process to vent, row of net inside the pump air; Replace the coupling damping aprons; Repair or replace the balance disc; Cooperate with the professional team to handle motor fault; Check the adjustment pressure lubricating oil road, repair or replace the bearing shell; Miho operations and maintenance to replace damaged parts. Replace the motor; Reduction or cutting impeller impeller. The basic construction of centrifugal pump impeller, pump body, water pump shaft, bearing, seal ring, bearing box, motor.

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