How to solve the method - vacuum pump common failure

by:J&T     2020-05-31

if use for long time, things will inevitably damage. Vacuum pump is widely used in many industrial fields. If the vacuum pump is broken, what should we do? Vacuum pump maintenance methods are there? Today we will learn together vacuum pump maintenance.

vacuum pump maintenance question 1: can't start the vacuum pump: mainly for vacuum pump can't start after the power supply. At this point, you should first check the circuit part of the vacuum pump, such as security tube is burnt, circuit part is burn out. After the circuit part of the troubleshooting, should consider the following two factors:

1. Motor burn down: the main reason is that the motor stator loop burned. For many reasons, such as the instantaneous electric current too big, motor bearing wear for a long time, lead to bearing friction resistance increases, motor power, temperature, motor burn down. At this point, should be checked before check the motor coil motor bearing. If the bearing is damaged, please replace; If the motor coil burned, should repair motor and winding of the stator line once again. When bearing and coil seriously damaged, need to replace the motor.

2。 Rotary plug: friction between the wheel and the pump cavity surface resistance is too large, obstruction of motor driven rotary table. Reason is that the rotor plate deformation, on the rotor in the spring can't reset, or the force of spring pressure and rotor plate centrifugal force is too large, lead to the friction between the rotor plate and the pump cavity surface resistance is too large. At this time, should be timely repair wheel and spring, if you can't repair, should be replaced.

vacuum pump maintenance problem 2: cannot achieve ultimate vacuum pump: first check the tightness of vacuum system, see if there is a slight leakage. Next, open the gas ballast, let the pump run about 30 minutes, drain the pump oil pollution of compressible steam, eliminate the influence of compressible steam for ultimate vacuum.

after rule out the above two factors, the other reason: the pollution of oil pump, need an oil change; Oil filter clogging in the pump, resulting in poor oil, compression that shortage of lubricating oil in fuel injection system to cause the pump body seal is lax. At this point, the need to clean the internal oil filter. Points oiler can also lead to deformation of the valve, wear or damage to the oil supply shortage. In this case, you should check and replace the oil distributor valve.

rotate wear or use for a long time can lead to a vacuum pump rotor in the spring tension is not enough, lead to isolation between suction chamber and exhaust chamber is lax, leading to a vacuum pump vacuum pump performance degradation. At this point, a wheel and spring, and should be replaced and clean the rotor and the pump room. Check the exhaust valve, see whether the action failure, lead to the venting is not good, change the exhaust valve if necessary.

vacuum pump maintenance problem 3, oil spill: one of the most common faults of rotary vane vacuum pump tank mainly occur in the vacuum water pump oil window, seal and shaft seal of motor bearing. The main reason is that the vacuum water pump with long time leads to aging and seal failure, these parts lead to leak. Solution: replace the aging oil window, shaft seal, gasket, and have felt pads of pump oil. After completion of maintenance, flush with Edward vacuum pump oil vacuum pump before filling, using solvent cleaning filling mouth mesh, to keep the tank clean.

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