How to reduce wear and tear of water ring vacuum pump crankshaft _

by:J&T     2020-07-02

a lot of used water ring vacuum pump users will encounter all sorts of problems. Today we'll discuss how to reduce the water ring vacuum pump crankshaft wear problem.

water ring vacuum pump is a kind of form in inland water ring vacuum pumps to send air vacuum equipment. Because the water ring vacuum pump working strength is big, usually abrasion of equipment will be shown after the long-term work, wear one of the more common of the crankshaft.

water ring vacuum water pump uneven wear on the surface of the crankshaft journal. Main journal and the journal of radial wear mainly elliptic, water ring vacuum pump wear parts corresponding to each other, namely each main journal wear near a joint. Journals are located on the side of the journal The wear and tear of connecting rod journal also close to the side of the main journal. Crankshaft journal also wear a tapered shaft upwards, and elliptical journal wear by along the circumferential direction of forces acting on the shaft neck caused by uneven distribution.

when water ring vacuum pump engine working, the connecting rod journal of resultant force is always put in the inner side of the connecting rod journal, and direction is outward along the radius of the crankshaft, the connection of the inside of the rod journal wear and oval. Water ring vacuum pump connecting rod journal wear is the cause of connecting rod journal of oil. Under the action of centrifugal force, the lubricating oil of mechanical impurities concentrated in the side of the connecting rod journal. Connecting rod journal wear is taper.

when we use the water ring vacuum pump shaft neck surface scratches and burns may occur. Wear is mainly due to the oil not clean, and caused by the indentation on the surface of the shaft neck big hard mechanical impurities. Burning on the surface of the journal is caused by the burning of ceramic tile, burning in the ceramic tile is mainly caused by the oil is too thin.

water ring vacuum pump crankshaft wear problem is mainly due to the uneven force, caused by improper cleaning maintenance. For crankshaft wear will directly affect the service life of water ring vacuum pump equipment, so when we actually use water ring vacuum pumps, must be standardized operation, and regular maintenance and lubrication of water ring vacuum pump, water ring pump no potential problems.

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