How to maintenance and submersible pump motor vibration fault processing

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Submersible pump is dived into the water water pump, motor and pump body is on the inside of the liquid pump, the motor failure do, such as pump and motor vibrates. What should I do? A, submersible pump have abnormal vibration and unstable operation, its main reason 1, water pump base anchor bolt not tight or loose; Even tighten all bolts in 2, the water pipeline without independent support, pipeline vibration affects the water pump; To water pump water pipe set independent firm support, don't let the water pump outlet pipe flange bearing. 3, impeller unbalanced quality and even damage or loose installation; 4, repair or replacement impeller pump is broken up and down; Replace water pump bearing up and down. Second, submersible pump motor maintenance for all types of submersible pump, submersible motor and water pump constitute an organic whole, into various kinds of water quality of sewage running for a long time. Poor working environment, determines its sealing structure is different from conventional motor has higher. Submersible motor according to GB/T 2818 - 2002 standard production, mainly divided into oil-filled type, water filling type, dry type, block type four various including: 1, oil-filled submersible motor type internal filled with machine oil, ends with a rolling bearing support, upper with cemented carbide as a mechanical seal, it can be used in mud sand in the big occasion, is also available to tilt, horizontal. 2, dry type submersible motor, dry type structure of the motor, the inner cavity is filled with air, similar to lu motor, simple structure. 3, block type submersible motor, motor stator made of non-magnetic stainless steel thin wall shielding set of a sealed chamber, end link and casing tightly closed, filling in solid filler. 4, water filling machine is divided into normal submersible motor and special submersible motor its main parts adopt imported wear-resisting material ( Guide bearing, thrust bearing, etc. ) , it has to withstand high thrust and high wear resistance, etc. Three, submersible pump low insulation resistance of the main reasons and treatment method 1, the power cord installation end submerged in the water or the power cord, signal wire breakage caused by water; Replace the cable or signal lines, drying machine. 2, mechanical seal wear or not installed; Replacement of mechanical seal up and down, drying machine. 3, o-rings aging, not work; Replace all ring, drying machine.
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