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How to maintain submersible sewage pump and centrifugal water pump in rainy season?

How to maintain submersible sewage pump and centrifugal water pump in rainy season?


The rainy season is coming, many people are concerned about how to maintance the submersible water pumps. In this article, we will share you some tips about how to maintain submersible sewage pump and centrifugal water pump in rainy season.

Submersible sewage pump:

If the submersible sewage pump is temporarily not in use, it can be started to run for half an hour every 7-10 days to prevent the electric equipment such as motors, starters and the rotating parts of the water pump from rusting. If the period of deactivation is long, the submersible sewage pump should be taken out for maintenance, derusting, oiling and replacement, and stored in the warehouse after assembly.

Centrifugal water pump:

For the deactivated centrifugal water pump, the pump and hose should be taken out of the well, and the water stored in the pump and hose should be drained. Then, according to the technical requirements, carefully check the impellers, bearings, cups and other parts of the pump, and if they are damaged, they should be replaced in time. The bearings are washed with gasoline, coated with butter, and then installed. Cast iron parts such as bottom valves and elbows of water pumps should be derusted if they are rusted, and then coated with butter to prevent them from being stored in a dry place for reuse in winter and spring.


The motor is not easy to get wet for a long time, so it should be disassembled, pulled back to the room, and wipe the dirt on the motor housing clean. The integrity of the movement part should be checked according to the technical requirements. If there are worn parts, they must be repaired or replaced. After meeting the technical requirements, they should be stored in the warehouse. If it is not used for a short period of time, you can put oil felt or plastic cloth on the motor and starter to prevent rain, moisture and dust.

Diesel engine:

In the summer and autumn rainy season, diesel engines placed on the riverside and beside the wells that are temporarily not in use should be lifted into the room in time. Carry out a thorough inspection, maintenance, replacement, and oiling according to the technical requirements to keep all parts in good technical condition. Then store it up high for reuse in winter and spring.

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