How to judge from a sound fluorine plastic centrifugal pump where there is a problem?

by:J&T     2020-06-18
A, rolling bearing different sound 1, if the bearing oil shortage in the body, in the operation of the rolling bearings have a uniform whistles. On a roller bearing inner and outer ring raceway surface or rolling surface appear on the surface of skin, emits an outline in the operation of the impact and beating. New in the rolling bearing, due to the large assembly when the radial force, rolling body rotation hard, have a low hum. The bearing temperature rise. 2, if the rolling bearing damaged, Including isolation disconnect, crushing, inside and outside the circle broken roller, etc. ) , applauded have burst in the operation of the noise. In the rolling element with isolation clearance is too large, can be issued in the operation of the large shua shua. Second, the small flow of different sound for volute pump pump tongue position design problem. Small flow of similar cavitation noise sound, but some larger, as if is a pebble thrown into the water pump housing. Three, cavitation different sound, water pump cavitation occurs from general burst crackling sound. Four, loose different sound namely by loose on the shaft of rotor and the sound. This sound is cyclical. After the water pump shaft and convex to the above, to hit the impeller upward movement, so the periodic noise. It must be pointed out that in this case the operation of the pump is very dangerous, in addition to the oscillation of rotor caused by the pump leakage in the air, is more serious is that the impeller causes crack, pump shaft fracture ( In the matching parts of the edge) And so on. Such as circulating water pump impeller, shaft sleeve on the shaft axis is loose ( Clearance for 1 - even 3 mm) Produce hitched hitched sound. Such as the pump shaft bending, the collision voice would have been greater, because of the impeller and shaft sleeve on the shaft has a tendency to to droop, gap appeared in the underside of the shaft. Some distance set of rolling bearing, because is not bearing pressure on, there will be intermittent operation of the rattle of the shaft. Because of the distance the clearance between the shaft and sleeve is bigger, when it is on when the axial and is not pressure, will appear the gap at the bottom of the shaft. But by accident reasons above will bring clearance, due to its weight, the relationship between distance set toward the whereabouts, issued and the rattle of axis slightly. But when bend convex to upper part, will hit the impeller upward movement, no upward movement, such as impeller water pump shaft convex and transferred to the lower part, impact impeller downward movement.
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