How to install self-priming pump suction pipe, you know?

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Self-priming pump is generally divided into self-priming centrifugal pump and self-priming magnetic pump, which has the function of self-priming pump, liquid filling pump cavity before first use, may at any time after the rev. Stop, do not need to each pump cavity irrigation fluid, easy to use, simple operation, low for conveying liquid level of the liquid is very practical, self-priming water pump self-priming height 3 - in general 6 meters, self-priming pump according to the material can be divided into: cast iron self-priming pump, self-priming pump, stainless steel corrosion resistant fluorine plastic self-priming pump, etc. Self-priming pump during the installation process, into the suction pipe, what are the requirements, how to install? This paper introduces some correct and incorrect suction pipe installation method. 2, in order to let the self-priming pump suction pipe leakage phenomenon, not a little suction pipe must be completely sealed air can be inhaled, self-priming pump suction pipe is usually used in steel tube, the welding joint or flange connection. 3, suction pipe installation within the suction well, absorbing well effective volume should not be less than one pump water pump in 5 minutes. So the submerged depth of the claim must be imported, high suspension and certain spacing. Requirements for the position in the suction pipe imports in absorbing well. 4, suction pipe water containing dissolved gas, due to the decrease of the pipeline pressure escape, if appear somewhere in the suction pipe pneumatosis, will form the airbag, and affect the water pipe. When serious destruction real curtilage water absorption. And i≥ 0. Inside the gas is removed from the pump at the entrance to the top of the pump housing. 5, when the water has a large number of impurities, bell mouth should be set up under the screen. When the water pump for artificial irrigation or use of the water in the pressure pipeline pump is started. Suction pipe should be set on the bottom valve. Bottom valve is a check valve, filter, resistance is bigger. Bottom valve has two kinds of water and water. Underwater type bottom valve is installed at the end of the suction pipe, because is easy to be damaged, need to check, to inconvenience to use. Currently used more water type bottom valve, it has good using effect, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. When using water type bottom valve, should make the suction pipe horizontal section has enough length, so as to ensure the pump water filling starts, generating enough pipeline vacuum value. 0 to 1. 2m/s; Suction pipe during 250 ~ 1000 mm in diameter, flow rate of 1. 2 to 1. 6m/s; Suction pipe diameter was greater than 1000 mm & middot; Flow rate of 1. 5 ~ 2. 0m/s。 7, when the water when the water level is higher than the pump axis, suction pipe gate valves should be set up on the road, for the water pump maintenance. Each self-priming pump should be a separate suction pipe. And should try to reduce the length of suction pipe and pipe fittings, in order to reduce the suction pipe head loss. The rest of the suction pipe can still through the design of water. Gate valves shall be set up on the suction duct, switching and maintenance. When sharing suction pipe set, suction duct should be brought in a state of positive pressure.
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