How to extend the _ could screw vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-05-20

screw vacuum water pump in China pharmaceutical industry, chemical plants, such as semiconductor materials to clean up higher company industry has used vacuum pump regulation, the service life of the application and the longer it is, the less, there are many factors resulting in a decrease of life in this period, below will give everyone in detail some elements of harm could import vacuum pumps:

1, whether exists exhaust back pressure.

2, have similar water device such as volatile organic compounds into the pump.

3, whether has the foreigner fine particulate matter such as dust content blocks into the pump.

4, grease is abundant, detection is invalid.

5, switching power supply is stable, application of the natural environment is conform to the rules.

6, is often poor start-up or shutdown spacing is too long, and stored.

7, all industrial equipment often use. If according to the artificial suggests appropriate practical

8, is on time as stipulated in the oil and other maintenance is not timely.

can screw vacuum pump pumping with a lot of water vapor and the small amount of smoke gas places, people want to maintain machinery and equipment of the initial situation, could increase and improve efficiency, people must be on time for machinery and equipment maintenance and maintenance, it is every three things.

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