How to choose the main pump vacuum pump system? _

by:J&T     2020-05-28

most is used in industrial vacuum pump system, we know the design conditions and steps of vacuum unit to vacuum indoor total volume calculation and the effective pumping speed, and with the main pump and the backing pump, then the primary pump in the vacuum system should be how to choose? Shenzhen heng to job below summarizes seven, learn together.

the first, through the needed to establish the limit of the pressure in vacuum chamber determine the types of main pump, vacuum pump system

the choice of main pump pressure limit is usually lower than the limit of the vacuum chamber pressure 1 and a half to one order of magnitude,

the second, through the vacuum chamber during the process to produce work pressure needed to choose the main pump, vacuum pump system

should properly choose the static working point of main pump, in its working pressure boundaries, to eliminate all caused by the vacuum pump process between indoor gas volume. Vacuum pump and indoor work pressure, therefore, must be in a better speed of main pump pressure range,

the third, according to the requirements of the vacuum chamber size and volume of the vacuum time to choose the main pump, vacuum pump system

the size of the vacuum chamber volume limiting vacuum of vacuum system is to affect the length of time. When extraction time required, if vacuum chamber volume is larger, the main pump pumping speed.

4, vacuum pump system correctly,

due to the vacuum water pump vacuum selectively, so sometimes USES a pump can not meet the requirement of the extraction, need a few kinds of pump, supplement each other to conform to the requirements of the extraction.

5, if the vacuum system is strict with no oil, no oil pump as a vacuum pump system should be elected various main pump,

if not strict, you can choose the oil pump, then add some oil pollution prevention strategy, can add in oil well, mask, cold trap and so on, also can achieve clean vacuum standard.

6, choosing a vacuum pump, should know is pumped gas composition, vacuum system for smoke gas ingredients selected relative main pump,

if gas containing corrosive gas, dust particles, etc. , you should consider the selection of dry vacuum pump, corrosion-resistant vacuum pump, etc. Or auxiliary equipment installed in the pump inlet pipe.

7, according to a full set of vacuum system for the first time the economic indicators such as investment and daily maintenance main water pump vacuum pump system.

the above vacuum pump system to understand the choice of main pump points at seven o 'clock? Main pump of vacuum system in important position, must be careful, if you don't understand can look for professional vacuum water pump company calculates the scheme and selection, shenzhen heng job only glad to be of service, hope can discuss more about vacuum.

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