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by:J&T     2020-06-29

how to calculate the micro vacuum pump suction? Need for adsorption object

in scientific research, medical treatment, laboratory, instrumentation and other industries, the micro air pump is often used for adsorption of objects. However, micro pump including mini vacuum pump, gas sampling pump, miniature gas circulation pump, mini pump and pumping combination form of pump. How should choose them?

when mini vacuum pump used for adsorption of object, it is actually used to after the vacuum water pump suction cup suction objects. Therefore, you must choose the real micro vacuum pump, such as high pressure - High pressure and high pressure - High pressure and high pressure - High pressure, low pressure, low pressure, low pressure, such as series of products, rather than the gas sampling pump.

the size of the adsorption force can be calculated theoretically. Formula is as follows:

material 0 F. 01×( 101 - P absolute pressure) S chuck area

( The material 0 F. 01 * sucker pump the maximum negative pressure the actual contact area)

on type,

F: theory of adsorption force size, unit: Kgf ( KGF)

p: absolute pressure: as the absolute vacuum micro vacuum pump, unit take: KPa ( Kpa)

S: chuck area: for effective area, sucker units take: cm ^ 2 ( Square centimeters)

for example, there is a mini HP (high pressure pump http://leynow。 com/product/index。 html) , its absolute pressure ( Vacuum degree) 10 kpa, assuming that sucker effective area as follows: 1 square centimeters, the theory can provide the suction pressure is:

0. 01×( 101 - 10) ×1=0. 91 KGF/cm ^ 2

with the suction cups, VCH can theoretically in the vertical direction adsorption (0. 91 kg!

if the suction cup effective area is: the two square centimeters, can adsorption in 0. 91 x 2 kg heavy objects;

if required H( http://leynow。 com/product/index。 html) , the theory can provide the suction pressure is:

0. 01×( 101 - 21) ×1=0. 80 Kgf/cm ^ 2

in actual use, often someone to adsorption with thin objects, such as pieces of paper with the micro vacuum pump, the HP - can be used V( http://leynow。 com/product/index。 html) Such as vacuum degree lower.

in addition, from the type you can see, the size of the adsorption theory has nothing to do with the flow of the pump, but in the practical use and the traffic parameters are related.

here's why: because the impossible theory seal gas circuit system, there are always some leaks. In this case, the micro vacuum pump flow rate, the greater the leakage in the proportion of smaller, more conducive to maintain high vacuum pump, and larger adsorption capacity is obtained. For example, there are two same ultimate vacuum pump, A pump flow rate of 1 L/min, B pump flow to 20 L/min, also in 0. Leakage cases 1 L/min, the vacuum degree of A pump will reduce A lot, because 0. 1 L/min leakage is too big for it. But 0. 1 L/min for B pump leakage, can still maintain a high vacuum degree. Therefore, although both vacuum, but in practice, the adsorption force produced by B water pump more.

as a result, the micro vacuum pump selection must consider two indicators, vacuum and flow only attaches great importance to the vacuum degree index is unrealistic.

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