How to calculate containment _ screw vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-05-19

screw vacuum water pump in the pump body is made with step breathing caused by high speed rotating in the opposite direction and exhaust effect, for this kind of machinery and equipment, has a very key role means of pumping air into vacuum state, and in view of the machinery and equipment of smoke gas we all is according to calculate to calculate, below will give everyone in detail a little smoke machine equipment throughput:

one, in terms of the imported vacuum pump, vacuum too little or too much is not good.

2, if want to know how much smoke gas, can according to the known standards, plus calculation method to carry out the resolution.

1, note: S for the import of vacuum vacuum water pump speed ( L/s) , V type capacity ( L) T is in excess of the prescribed vacuum value takes time, P1 is the original vacuum value, P2 for vacuum value.

2, imported vacuum water pump vacuum speed calculation method: S = 2. 303V/tLog( P1/P2) 。

three, common problems:

1, measure the screw vacuum pump throughput at that time must be considered part of the elements, such as pipeline fluid density, leak, fluid density filtering device, extraction temperature and so on.

2, should will be considering the safety performance of less than, so at the time that the selection, can moderately increase capacity, to ensure that its application scope is more common.

skeleton screw vacuum pump is sealed upgrading commodity import vacuum pumps, according to the vacuum in breathing and exhaust pipe, also be others into a vacuum machine, so people can use this kind of relation in the future in order to develop gas, a smoke that moderate increase efficiency will be very good at all.

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