How to avoid high temperature magnetic pump noise -

by:J&T     2020-05-14

the German division times g SPECK (magnetic pump Magnetic drive pump) The key by the water water pump impeller, magnetic transmission system ( Magnetic cylinder) Blank, motor, connection etc. A part of a few parts. Magnetic pump magnetic transmission system from the outer magnetic rotor, the magnetic rotor and permeability of protection cover not pose when motor drive outside the magnetic rotor rotating magnetic field can through the gas gap and non-magnetic chemicals, with centrifugal impeller with step rotation of the inner magnetic rotor, complete drive without touch with step transmission, dynamic sealing structure will be very easy to leak into the packing seal structure of zero leakage. Is because the pump shaft, the magnetic rotor pump body, cover completely closed, then eliminate the 'run, run, drip, leak problem.

1, if appear a lot of noise in the application process, key people should pay attention to what?

at present, sales of all brands on the market of various models specifications and parameters of magnetic pump work, if in accordance with the original design scheme, immediately moved around different brands of different specifications, magnetic pump because of the pump working pressure and traffic parameters are not the same, can make the pump work point is not stable, resulting in noise, and even the destruction of magnetic pump.

proposal when choosing magnetic pump, must according to the type of medium, the medium of the relative density, temperature height, pump head, to model selection and its condition of medium viscosity. Plus the total capacity of pump according to different specifications and work pressure, change the structure of the machinery and equipment and matching design, such as how to change water rate, the separation and countermeasures, such as bleeder circuit, make the pump work best at midpoint can deal with the noise problem, also can promote the life of the pump and features.

2, the above graph is only part of the specification, the maximum temperature reached 220 ℃, the maximum temperature of oil up to 350 ℃, can accept standard calibration and not do!

medium in the pump body is not pure, with a lot of residue, or not in accordance with the stipulations, the pump is running in the whole process of ceramic shaft body produce the condition, such as damage, rupture, in turn, make the normal operation of pump body all can't, cause a lot of noise.

proposal to solve the medium to carry out the screening machine equipment and so on to ensure that the medium of pure crystal, also applied for machine and pump equipment in accordance with the regulations, do well the maintenance strategy, which could ensure magnetic pump and features.

before based on customer feedback, customer case below, tear open outfit that pump cavity with many so solid residue:

3, medium with residue or not applied as required on the shaft leads to destruction, the component such as the application in the whole process must be strict in accordance with the specifications in the operating manual application!

office environment, die temperature machine magnetic pump installation is not installed level or not stationary during the whole process.

again check the pump body is level and fixed installation.

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