How to adjust the screw vacuum pump clearance -

by:J&T     2020-07-03

screw vacuum pump is a vacuum pump, it USES a pair of extruder screw in the pump body at the same speed and in the opposite direction of rotation. Function is the trachea. This is the upgrade version of skeleton seal mechanical pump, can be used to extract contains a lot of water vapor and a small amount of dust in the gas. It is widely used in Chinese pharmaceutical industry, chemical plant, semiconductor materials and have higher request for vacuum cleaning company.

below to introduce a detailed method of adjusting screw vacuum pump equipment clearance:

1, screw vacuum pump for single screw, commonly by single or double suction absorption different methods to adjust the clearance.

2, have the same point of view. If the new pump is not damaged, please open the water pump drive system of the gear side, loosen the clamping sleeve of transmission gear, manually adjust the lower screw sleeve in the middle of the gap, then tighten the transmission gear again. Sleeve in the middle of the relative clearance can be adjusted.

3, is the key to adjust the radial clearance, which is the key to adjusting precision rolling bearing seal, but the factory don't need to adjust.

4, if the screw sleeve or pump casing damage, according to the clearance adjustment, often not easy to handle. Replacement parts.

how to adjust the screw vacuum water pump clearance generally divided into single and double injection according to the characteristics of injections. Because these two kinds of work in a different way, therefore, when the machines and equipment adjust clearance, they must be divided into single and two. Screw vacuum pump pumping equipment in the body at the same speed and in the opposite direction of rotation. Has the effect of tracheal vacuuming machine and equipment. For some of the problems that encountered in the process of the entire application or the common failure, one must consider carefully and find the solution, a quick fix.

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